Peter Andre says he’s working hard to “set a good example” for his children

Peter Andre was open about parenting skills and told his fans that he was “working hard” to become a positive role model for his four children.

His latest writing New arrival! In the column, the star also reveals how excited he is about the next family time – and shares his thoughts on the latest drama of another famous family, Sussexes.

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Daddy day care will resume next week

It will be the last show at Grease The Musical next week. In the long run, it was really great.

I can’t lie, I absolutely miss the show and cast and crew, but likewise I’m looking forward to taking a short break before Christmas and returning to a practical dad again ..

Pete is busy on a tour of Grease The Musical, but he says it’s important to show his kids that you need to work hard and set an example.

I really miss Emily and the kids. Theo has been constantly asking me. It’s great and painful at the same time, but I know that working is a way for me to support my family.

I also think it’s a good example and shows that you have to work hard and things won’t be easy.

Speaking of family, I recently posted a video of Emily, Junior and Princess singing in the car. Instagram followers were telling us how nice we are all.

We have such a wonderful bond. It was also fun to show Emily the interesting side. I don’t see him very often, but he is a cool person.

Junior really made me laugh at the video. He has such a cheeky side to him. All kids are really lovers.

The singer says he is Emily, Junior, Princess and has a “nice bond”

In other news, we have released a new diet app called # itsfine.

It adjusts your calories over the course of a week, making it easier to manage your diet with weekly goals rather than the usual stressful number of calories per day.

I’ve been using this approach for years and haven’t found anything to support it.

While searching for my solution, I met co-founder Ben Smith and joined the #itsfine business for rescue.
People from a trendy diet.

Megan’s movement is fading

Pete believes that after Megan appeared in another interview, Megan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, have made it “very difficult for people” to support them.

Megan Markle has been criticized for having another television interview with Ellen DeGeneres this time in the United States. It’s a big deal for Megan and Prince Harry.

I’ve always been stuck for them, but I don’t think some of the choices made are great.

I want to help them, but they are getting very difficult for people.

Many say they’re starting to get thinner, but on the other hand they’ve also done some great things for charity. Let’s take a look at it for a while.

Megan appeared at Ellen’s Room Show last week

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Really heroic act

What is the hero of Liverpool taxi driver David Perry?

It’s a big deal to endanger his life to save others from the bombs planted in his taxi.

He definitely saved his life when the device exploded, and it’s incredible that he survived the explosion himself.

Pete praised Liverpool taxi driver David Perry as a “hero”

I really think he should be nominated for next year’s Pride of Britain Awards.

I don’t know if trying to save the lives of others is not an award-winning heroic act.

However, I think it is very sad that these acts of terrorism are still going on. And it makes you think that it happens outside the women’s hospital, isn’t it safe anywhere?

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Peter Andre says he's working hard to "set a good example" for his children

Source link Peter Andre says he's working hard to "set a good example" for his children

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