Peter Andre enjoys a cozy Christmas morning before Princess and Jr. head to Katie Price for dinner.

Peter Andre snuggled up near his family on Christmas morning, including his oldest children, Junior and Princess.

The two brothers, 16 and 14, posed happily with their father, stepmother Emily. Amelia, 7 years old, brother, Theo, 5 years old Before leaving to spend the day with mom, Katie Price.


Peter Andre had a cozy morning with his family on Christmas dayCredit: Instagram

Happy families gathered for Christmas snaps, snuggling up to their festive pajamas.

“Merry Christmas 🤶” Peter I captioned the post and also tagged older children and wives.

The teenager then hung out with his mother Katie and her family. There, the princess was able to catch a glimpse of her family’s Christmas with her late grandmother Amy today.

I posted a heartwarming photo of 14-year-old Amy (68) and her brother Harvey.

Katie’s 19-year-old disabled son is seen wearing a flashing light bulb garland on his head and feeling festive.

In another sweet photo, Amy sits on the couch at her conservatory and Santa sits nearby.

Amy posts a sweet photo and smiles at the princess tagged with a red heart.

She wrote: “Merry Christmas Everyone”

KatieMother was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (an incurable disease of the lungs) in 2017.

The disease causes scarring in the lungs and reduces the patient’s ability to breathe. Currently, there is no cure.

In Katie’s new book, Harvey and I, a former glamor girl she agreed to the diagnosis, Her motherFuneral.

She wrote in her publication today:

“I know she accepted it, and even if I’m sure it’s in her mind every day, she doesn’t stick to it.

“As I said, she was always against me when it came to that.

“Her attitude towards this illness was the same as when she was informed about Harvey’s condition.

“I’m half a glass empty and she’s half a glass.”

Katie, who has a close relationship with her mother, said, “But I accepted it now because I have to do it. She has an incurable illness, and that’s the reality.

“I think it’s a terrible story, but once I knew the prognosis, I told my mother about the funeral and what she wanted.

“I think it’s much easier to organize a funeral if you know what they want.”

Just last month, Katie also she Donated one of her lungs to her mother..


The princess snuggled up to her dad on Christmas dayCredit: peterandre / Instagram


Pete showed off his festive pajamasCredit: peterandre / Instagram


And my wife Emily participated in the selfie actionCredit: peterandre / Instagram


The kids focused on unwrapping the gifts before going to see their momCredit: peterandre / Instagram


The princess shared a photo of her Nan, Katie’s mother, AmyCredit: officialprincess_andre / Instagram
During a family trip to Lapland England with Peter and Emily Andre-because the star shares a rare photo of Theo and Amelia meeting Santa.

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Peter Andre enjoys a cozy Christmas morning before Princess and Jr. head to Katie Price for dinner.

Source link Peter Andre enjoys a cozy Christmas morning before Princess and Jr. head to Katie Price for dinner.

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