Peter Andre claims to have “changed a lot” while preparing to host the Miss World contest

Peter andre After hosting Miss World in 2019 and taking a year off for a coronavirus pandemic, he is once again taking advantage of the great opportunity.

The mysterious girl hit maker, 48, said two years ago that a total of 2 billion people tuned around the world, and the long-awaited return of the contest is expected to be even greater.Sign up as all right! VIP – For free! – Read all about Peter’s tackling the challenges he faced when he starred in the movie “On the Other Foot” and why he thinks another blockade isn’t the best idea.

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Genius at work

It was a whole week.First, it was the movie premiere With other feet, Plays a character called Justin. The focus is on the subject of racism, but with a twist. Participating is a really great movie and director Fredi Nwaka is a genius.

Playing Justin has challenged me a lot, but that’s what Freddie wanted. He said, “I don’t want anyone to expect you to be a bad guy.”

It was amazing. Hopefully I’ll start a new movie in February or March. Not only will I appear in this movie, but I will also get the first production credits. But we’ll talk more about that at the right time. An exciting era!

Peter Andre said he had a lot of challenges from the director when he shot on the other foot

Miss World 2021

Peter Andre is honored to be able to host Miss World 2021 after appearing in the 2019 contest.

I am very happy to announce that we will be hosting Miss World 2021. The last time we hosted it in 2019, we had an audience of 2 billion worldwide, so we hope this year will be bigger and better. Miss World has changed a lot over the years.

Certain categories have been abolished and focused on athletes’ achievements and philanthropy. It will be amazing, and as always, I am honored to participate in it.

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Come On Eileen!

Peter Andre supports Arlene Phillips and Frankie Bridge, who are members of I’m A Celebrity Castle.

I think it sounds bad, but I didn’t have a chance to actually see it. I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! This year.Always on when I’m on stage GreaseBut I’ve been asking little by little about what’s happening so far.

I support Arlene Philips, She is my dear friend and a wonderful person.Also nice Frankie Bridge, Someone I’ve known for years.

I didn’t know that Arlene would enter the castle! I’ve been working with her for months and she didn’t say anything. I didn’t expect her to do it. She’s a very nice person-I’m glad everyone can see her personality shining.

Lockdown 5.0?

Peter Andre thinks another blockade is not a good idea

The government has repeatedly stated that there are no plans for another blockade in the UK, but there is growing concern about the new Omicron variant. The problem is that inevitably there are always newly identified variants. The virus always mutates.

We must do everything we can to protect the vulnerable. I think boosters are a great idea. But I’m not sure if another blockade will be right.

However, it makes sense to wear a mask in a crowded area. In fact, I didn’t stop wearing it. Let’s hope this Christmas doesn’t end like last year. Everyone, please ensure your safety.

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Peter Andre claims to have "changed a lot" while preparing to host the Miss World contest

Source link Peter Andre claims to have "changed a lot" while preparing to host the Miss World contest

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