Pete Sandifford shares his son’s name and Tot makes his sweet snap debut on social media

Goggles boxPete Sandyford introduced his baby son on his social media page.

The new dad posted a photo of himself holding his son while smiling at the camera, but the baby didn’t seem to be very happy.

Pete He was celebrating his birthday with the caption “Happy Birthday to Dad”.

He also tagged his wife Page and sister Sophie, who starred together on a popular show.

This is the first time TV has heard his boy’s name.

Fans and friends were in a hurry to celebrate the TV star’s birthday and happy birthday His famous great uncle Paul Chuckle Saying: “A fantasy that scares little Jimmy on your birthday … Happy Birthday buddies have a good unx”

Pete Sandyford shared the first photo of his baby on social media

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Pete’s sister Sophie wrote: “Happy Birthday Pedro! X”

Pete first introduced his son to the public when he appeared in the Goggles Box in September.

Sophie Pete sat in the usual place on the show’s sofa, with an iconic eccentric mug.

They were shocked when the adorable babies flatulent

But when the baby passed the wind and Pete said “s *** ted,” the cuteness didn’t last long.

But this didn’t put off the fans, as they commented on how adorable Pete’s son was.

One fan said: “Pete Mate! A great start to the new #Gogglebox series. Your boy is a smasher.” Another fan added: .. “

The third viewer wrote: “Omg Pete and his baby are my heart !!!”

Pete married Page in a secret ritual

Pete First revealed the happy news of his son’s arrival And his marriage at the National Television Awards.

He said he and his wife Page enjoyed a private wedding.

When he said all right!: “I’m lively [to be at the NTAs] I’m very happy because I slept at the hotel overnight. “

He went on to say that being a dad was “tired” and that the sleep deprivation he was getting was “definitely worth it.”

“I feel lucky because he’s basically a miniature version of me and Page, which I’ve always wanted,” Pete added.

Gogglebox Pete shared his marriage news on the NTA

The star first revealed that his wife was expecting a baby in April When he handed Sophie an ultrasound picture while he was in the goggles box.

Sophie put the photo on her face and asked, “My niece or nephew. Do you look like me?”

But Pete joked. “No, it will look good. Hopefully it looks like Page.”

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Pete Sandifford shares his son's name and Tot makes his sweet snap debut on social media

Source link Pete Sandifford shares his son's name and Tot makes his sweet snap debut on social media

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