Pete Davidson goes home as Kim Kardashian’s children haven’t met yet and Kris Jenner’s Christmas party has been scaled down

Pete Davidson hasn’t met Kim Kardashian’s children yet. After Kris Jenner’s Christmas party was shrunk for Covid, he’s back in New York with his family.

Saturday Night Live Star, who has been dating cosmetology tycoons for the past two months, has been invited to Family annual bashBut the clan is now planning to keep things modest, sources told the sun.


Kim Kardashian is still spending Christmas with the kids and will meet Kanye WestCredits: Instagram / Kim Kardashian


Kim has been dating Pete Davidson since her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live and they have become intimateCredits: Instagram / @ angelinas_ristorante

Pete was believed to be staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel during a short visit to the West Coast, where he was found having breakfast with Kim after they returned from New York.

He was also depicted driving her Rolls-Royce while shopping for Christmas alone before returning to the hotel on Thursday. Kim later shared a snap with her kids at home.

And, despite reports that a 28-year-old cartoon was introduced to her children, insiders said it wasn’t to the sun-and they still keep their relationship casual.

“Kim isn’t going to do anything in a hurry, he wants to protect his children. She doesn’t want to introduce her new boyfriend to her house and she doesn’t want to make things difficult during her divorce,” said one source.

“Pete may have casually dropped in at the party, but now he’s back in New York because he decided to shrink to New York this year. He still had to spend a good time with Kim.

“He keeps a respectful distance and Kim doesn’t really want him and Kanye to clash. There’s no way she wants them in the same room. Pete loves him how much his family loves him. I know if you are. “

Insiders added that Kim and ex-Kanier West aren’t on good terms at the moment, but will set aside their differences to enjoy a vacation with their children.

Asked if Kim had yet introduced Pete to the children, the second source simply said, “They haven’t met.”

The founder of SKIMS shares her four children, daughters North (8), Chicago (3), sons Saint (6) and Psalm (2) with former Kanye.

The sun is asking Kim, Kanye, and Pete for comment.

Good relationship?

Kanye revealed that they wanted to meet again and work on marriage to many public exhibits, but Kim said. Single status in their divorce -This has not yet been approved by the judge.

“Kim wants things to be friendly with Kanye. He’s the father of her children, but she’s completely ahead and he’s not,” the insider said this week. I told Sun.

41-year-old Kim was seen leaving Pete’s New York home on Monday afternoon. Spend the whole weekend together A cozy movie date was included.

In the video obtained by Page 6, She has gone Pete’s Staten Island Condo From the side door around 12:30 pm EST on Monday.

When she entered the waiting SUV, she tried to make it unobtrusive with a baseball cap and a black ensemble.

Sources told the outlet that Kim was in Pete’s apartment throughout the weekend-even though they claimed she also had a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in the financial district.

You want Kimback

Kim’s new romance is hot after she applied for a divorce from ex-Kanier, 44, in February.

Kanye publicly admitted last month that he “did something unacceptable as a husband” and feels that God will bring Kim back to him.

He stopped by a Los Angeles mission to drop 1,000 meals for the homeless people in Skid Row.

Before the rapper’s visit was over, he grabbed the microphone and shared a message about his faith with the audience.

according to Twitter video From his speech, Kanye said: “The story God wants is that you see that everything is redeemed and all these relationships we have made are wrong. I made a mistake.

“I’ve publicly said that I’m not accepted as a husband, but for some reason today-I didn’t know I was going to stand here-I’m going to be in front of this mic I did not know.”

The rapper continued: “I’m here to change that story.

“I don’t let E! Tell the story of my family. I don’t let Hulu write the story of my family.”

Kanye then asked Kim to come back with him when he had a live concert with rapper Drake in Los Angeles.

You lapped repeatedly: “I need you to run back to me soon”, before adding: “More specifically, Kimberly”.


Kim has applied for single status with a divorce from a rapper and is moving forwardCredit: Splash


The 28-year-old cartoon is now heading to New York after Chris’s party was cancelledCredits: Getty Images-Getty


Kim and Pete have had a lot of group dates since her SNL gigCredits: Instagram / Flavor Flav
Kim Kardashian’s daughter North, 8, shows off gingerbread cookies in a $ 60 million mansion as her mother is dating Pete Davidson.

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Pete Davidson goes home as Kim Kardashian’s children haven’t met yet and Kris Jenner’s Christmas party has been scaled down

Source link Pete Davidson goes home as Kim Kardashian’s children haven’t met yet and Kris Jenner’s Christmas party has been scaled down

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