‘Performance peek’ – Apple turns things upside down

Once a day, the tech industry came to Apple’s events to swoon over software and hardware design. Things have changed.

Now, the industry is eager swoon over the architecture – and we will miss missed opportunities as Apple moves its platforms far, far away ahead of everyone else. of the company »Peak performanceAt today ‘s event the company made a big old – fashioned smackdown.

The day the industry turned upside down

In short, the days when Apple computers looked great, software ran great, but seemed a little underpowered behind us.

Now, the machines look great, they still run great software, and they actually deliver as much (or more) power than you get from other platforms, while at the same time showing a clear commitment to oversight. environmental.

The latter promise means that any enterprise currently running many PCs can see an almost immediate cost benefit by replacing those PCs with a Mac, as Apple’s processors do not require much power.

So what did Apple introduce?

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‘Performance peek’ – Apple turns things upside down

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