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People seriously injured in a major Welsh incident | Wales

Many were injured in a major incident in a village in southern Wales, some of whom were seriously injured.

Dozens of police officers and rescue workers attended the incident at Inniswen in Rhondda Cynon Tough on Friday afternoon.

Officers’ attention was focused on the area around Blue Sky, a Chinese takeaway on Baglan Street.

Street-dwelling builder John Belgrove said he was in the hut when a barking dog warned him about emergency services after noon.

“I came out and counted about 31 different emergency vehicles in the next 30 minutes,” he said. “I saw a woman in her twenties crying uncontrollably and bleeding in front of her.

“There was an old man who was walking with his head bandaged and put it behind an ambulance.” He said another young man was being treated by emergency medical care.

Mark Drakeford, the first Welsh minister, said he was deeply concerned. “I’m always informed about progress and my thoughts are with everyone in the community during this worrying time,” he said.

The 29-year-old Kirby England, who lives on the other side, said rescue workers had treated a woman sitting in a car parked outside the takeaway.

She states: “He put her on the floor and was doing CPR. I could see him doing a pumping action on her chest. While police were blocking the road from both ends. , Another rescue worker joined him. “

Another neighbor, Terry Burns, said: This is full of police. Mavis Wakeford, who also lives nearby, said: The police stopped me from going behind and told me to stay inside. You wouldn’t expect this to happen here. It’s a quiet place. “

Some residents said armed police were present. South Wales police said the incident happened around noon on Friday. The street was closed and there was hoarding around the Chinese restaurant. The unit urged people to avoid the area and not guess what had happened.

Lonza Labor Party member Kris Bryant, Tweet He knew of “the disturbing events on Baglan Street” and said his thoughts were directed at all those affected.

He also said a nearby elementary school was “aware of the incident and taking all necessary precautions.”

A Welsh ambulance service spokesman said he had sent one quick response vehicle, three emergency ambulances, a hazardous area response team, and a Welsh ambulance to the scene.

In a statement, South Wales Police said: Ambulance crew members are also present due to the large number of casualties in the incident.

“The streets are closed and we recommend that you avoid the area until you are notified later. Updates will be released when they become available.”

Leanne Wood, who represents Lonza in the Welsh Parliament, said, “My thoughts are on the victims of the incident, the locals who may have witnessed it, and the corresponding paramedics.” It was.

Councilor Andrew Morgan, leader of the Rhondda Cynon Tough County Council, said he was informed of the serious incident in Inniswen and thanked the ambulance crew for their “significant attendance in progress.”

“My idea is for everyone affected by this incident, but avoid the area until the paramedics leave the area,” he said.

People seriously injured in a major Welsh incident | Wales

SourcePeople seriously injured in a major Welsh incident | Wales

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