People do nothing about the climate crisis by Alan Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin: “We don’t all have to be at Greta Thunberg’s level, but we can make small changes.” | Ent & Arts News

David Attenborough warned us. Scientists have long warned us. Prince Charles warned us, and even Greta Thunberg and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Now it’s Alan’Shipa’Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin’s turn-well known as everyone’s favorite pirate radio stations MC Grindah and DJ Beats from the Brentford Kurupt FM and the hit BAFTA-winning mockumentary series. People do nothing -To step up and raise awareness Climate crisis Facing the planet.

Pair recently released a special edition of the podcast, Chattin’Sh * t, to highlight the problem and let others who may feel overwhelmed by the noise know more about the little changes that everyone can make. I said I would like to recommend it to you.

The star was joined by Gen Z climate activist Francisca Rockey, the founder of Black Geographers. Photo: Anthony Upton / PA

Speaking of Sky News, they first admitted that they might not be the poster boys on this issue, but hope they can provide a different perspective to the politicians and experts who headlined the COP26 Summit.

“It was a good opportunity to actually learn and make myself. [the discussion] “It’s a little more familiar,” Mustafa said of the podcast recording. No plastic is used. Thinking more, there are all these little things that are generally part of normal everyday culture. “

Chattin Sh * t To Save The Planet talks to Gen Z climate activist Francisca Rockey and features a pair to learn about all the implications of everything from fast fashion to food consumption. This episode follows a survey by Virgin Media O2 and the Global Action Plan, an environmental charity. The study found that many young people, especially young men, either felt excluded from climate change conversations or were reluctant to participate online. You may feel that you have enough knowledge to participate, or you may be worried about being judged by their views.

“I think it’s people who don’t want to make mistakes, people who don’t want to make themselves look stupid,” says Mustafa. “In addition, when looking at public platforms, people who do not want to be canceled are banished for having” wrong “information,” wrong “opinions.

“I feel like you’ll never learn unless you try to talk about it, and that’s not the case. [necessarily] It’s about consciously striving to sit down and have a conversation, but since it’s just a normal part of everyday life, we naturally start talking about it. “

Chegwin admits that he was “naive” about climate change in the past, and in episodes he has been the subject of bullying from Mustafa about changing his habits.

Beyond the zoom, he proudly raises his metal water bottle high. “It’s a small change,” he says. “I’m getting better at understanding. I’m naive to all of this, but now I want to make a conscious effort. I’m recycling.”

People do nothing: big in Japan.Photo: Universal Pictures
People Just Do Nothing went to the big screen in the first movie Big In Japan in early 2021.Photo: Universal Pictures

“We joking about the fact that Hugo doesn’t care, and I care,” says Mustafa. “Obviously, it’s two of the best companions who terrorize each other. Really and really, we both learn at the same time and are trying to do what we can.”

But this kind of conversation can encourage people who feel unrelated to politicians or scientists, or who feel preached by a giant rich star where money doesn’t matter.

“I think it’s good for everyone to talk about it,” says Mustafa. “But when you post news to you [can] It feels like cultivating all this information in a language designed to alienate people, that’s something I don’t like.That’s why it sounds like this [issue] It has nothing to do with us, but it’s not. That’s what humans have done to slowly destroy the Earth, and we need to see and discuss it as it is part of it. “

Hopefully, Chegwin says he can deliver a message to an audience that may otherwise be unattractive. “We don’t have to be all in Greta [Thunberg’s] Level, “he says.

“It’s a big problem affecting all humans,” says Mustafa. “You shouldn’t have to have PhD-level information just to talk about it, but that’s a way you sometimes feel.”

When Chegwin posted the details of the podcast to about 100,000 followers on his Instagram account, one of the first comments below it falsely claims that “climate change is a scam.” ..

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” says Mustafa. “In their minds it’s the government, in their minds it’s a plot, it’s not on.”

Climate change is undeniable, says Chegwin. “It’s obvious. There’s a fire, the weather … the seasons are dramatically different. I don’t think it’s a plot. [the government] I don’t think I have weather weapons. “

So what advice does the People Just Do Nothing star give?

“It’s really as obvious as recycling,” says Chegwin. “Be aware of the use of plastic, fast fashion, etc. Don’t feel the pressure from the online world of Instagram that you can’t wear the same clothes again.”

“We are not an omniscient god on this issue,” says Mustafa. “So start looking for yourself, but ride your bike and walk as much as you can … the plastic is huge. [issue]Just be aware of it.

“I think it’s just a little you can do, but I say do your own education about it, guy. This is just a gateway.”

Chattin’Sh * t To Save the Planet with Virgin Media O2 is now available on Apple, Acast and Spotify

People do nothing about the climate crisis by Alan Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin: “We don’t all have to be at Greta Thunberg’s level, but we can make small changes.” | Ent & Arts News

Source link People do nothing about the climate crisis by Alan Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin: “We don’t all have to be at Greta Thunberg’s level, but we can make small changes.” | Ent & Arts News

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