“People are unaware of the amount of work he has put into it,” says James Argent.

James “Arg” Argent In his new Instagram story, he says in his weight loss, “people are unaware of the amount of work he has put into it.”

34 years old TOWIE favorite Keep your body in good shape by losing weight with a lively gym system After he has already lost 11 incredible stones.

The star, which bottomed out with body, addiction, and eating disorders during the blockade last year, turned a corner after wearing a stomach band.

James revealed when he was advised by a doctor that he needed to have surgery to “save his life” after he gained weight.

Now the star is open about his new fitness regime and how harsh his eating habits have become, revealing the shocking reality of his weight loss timeline.

James looked great next to Charles Ven, who was torn at the gym

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After a fierce session at the box-up gym with casualty actor Charles Ven, James shared a group photo with another team of motivated men.

“The weight I lost in nine months should have been completed in a year and a half!” James wrote above.

“People are unaware of the amount of work I have put into it.”

He joked in another snap. He still has a long way to go to reach his goal, as he felt inadequate next to the super-ripped Charles.

James also shared a group snap at the gym, looking back on his journey.

James has lost 11 incredible stones since he started losing weight this year

“Be careful not to take pictures with topless @charlesvenn,” added the reality show personality with a laugh.

James later shared another image of enjoying delicious rewards at a local restaurant. He squeezed into a plate of healthy food that appeared to contain minced meat and a variety of salads and sauces.

The celebrity looked incredibly smooth when he slipped into his black zip-up sports hoodie, the characteristic wavy lock of the show.

James celebrated his 34th birthday earlier this month and looked back on what he wanted last year and 2022.

James recently celebrated his birthday after dropping 11 stones in 7 months.

Sitting outside his vast country house, the real stars have so far posed on the bench.

“I can’t believe I’m 34 today!” He told 804,000 followers. “Thank you for your love and support.

“I constantly stop on the street with people who say,’Continue Arg’ and’You have this.’ I have experienced a lot of hell and I am very fortunate to have a lot of people behind me. trust me. “

The star continued to say that he knew there were a lot of “proud” things, as he shared: “My weight loss, my beloved @theargband and I always buy. The house I dreamed of.

“I hope I can meet the love of my life in 2022,” the star added with a laughing emoji. “But the most important thing is to stay happy and healthy!”

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"People are unaware of the amount of work he has put into it," says James Argent.

Source link "People are unaware of the amount of work he has put into it," says James Argent.

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