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Penny Mordont dismisses claims about her views on trans rights as ‘slander’ as former Tory leader questions her track record | Political news

Penny Mordon has dismissed claims about her views on trans rights as “slander”, as former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith questioned whether the trade secretary was experienced enough to be prime minister.

It’s Mrs. Mordant is under scrutiny for its stance on gender identityafter released government documents suggested he supported weakening the legal process for the transition.

In the first televised debate on Friday, former Equalities Minister Cammy Badenoch and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who also has responsibility for equalities, said: Mrs. Mordu supported the push for self-identification for those willing to transition.

They said that they changed the policy together.

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But Ms Mordont strongly disputed the claims. He said that while he has ordered a review of the Gender Recognition Act, he is not in favor of self-determination and “will not separate it from health care.”

However, The Sunday Times says it has seen government documents that appear to suggest he is in favor of removing at least one element of the medical process required for transgender people to transition legally.

His campaign spokesperson responded. “The fact that so much of this competition has been sidetracked by side issues rather than the cost-of-living crisis affecting millions of people is a huge disappointment.

“Arguing politics is one thing, but questioning Penny’s values ​​and integrity has to be challenged.

“To be clear, on the ID issue, the leaked documents prove that every minister in the department wanted to maintain medical involvement, including Penny. Other ministers can confirm it.”

Questioned on the issue on Sunday, Mrs Mordon herself denied reports that she had pushed for a policy to end the requirement for trans people to receive a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria before they could legally change gender when she joined Theresa May. was the minister of equal rights in the government. .

He also accused the papers of “slander” and said the Conservative leadership contest was being “dragged” by it.

“This has been repeatedly denied. We all know what’s going on. This is the kind of toxic politics that people want to get away from,” Ms Mordon told the BBC’s Sunday Morning programme.

“We held a consultation. We asked health professionals what they thought about the situation. That’s the part I followed. I chaired that consultation. We didn’t really have a policy about my shift.

“There are a number of slanders in the papers, my colleagues are very angry and upset that they are delaying the leadership contest.”

Mrs Mordant was backed by Baroness Williams, who was junior equalities minister at the time, and said the accounts of events at the time of the attack and in the media were “completely wrong”.

“As Equalities Minister in the Department under Penny Mordon and Amber Rudd, I saw first-hand that the advertised position was absolutely not Penny Mordon’s and completely refuted the allegations made by other candidates about the self-determination debate,” he said in a statement.

“Having sat in the Equalities Office for many years, I am appalled to see such inaccurate reporting and briefings by our colleagues and would question the motives of those who wish to do so.”

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Meanwhile, former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith, who is backing Ms Truss in the leadership contest, questioned Ms Mordon’s record in government.

He told Sky News’ Sophie Ridge Sunday programme. “The one person I don’t know what’s accomplished is Penny (Mordon). I have no problem with him, I have no problem at all.

“But the key thing for me is that we’re not electing a leader of the Conservative Party who has two years to build his reputation, we’re electing someone who will be prime minister on day one.

“So you have to know when they had power and authority, what they did with it, what they got, what they achieved, what their core beliefs were, what they went through, what tough decisions they made. take, and in fact they sometimes have to go against their civil servants to get these things done.”

A new poll of Tory members by ConservativeHome found Ms Badenoch leading on 31% of those polled, with second-placed Ms Truss leading on 20%.

Then comes Ms Mordant with 18%, who has dropped from first place, followed by Rishi Sunak and Tom Tugendhat.

Penny Mordont dismisses claims about her views on trans rights as ‘slander’ as former Tory leader questions her track record | Political news

Source Penny Mordont dismisses claims about her views on trans rights as ‘slander’ as former Tory leader questions her track record | Political news

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