Peloton enjoys rebooting Sex and the City with cheeky ads

Peloton Sex and the City reboot, And just like that, With a cheeky advertisement.

Stocks in American athletic companies have fallen dramatically Carrie Bradshaw’s husband, Big, died of a heart attack after strenuous exercise on one of his bikes in the first episode.

On Sunday, Peloton released a new commercial. Actor Chris Noth is Big, sitting on the couch and drinking wine, sitting next to Jess King, who played the instructor who oversaw the last class.

When he toasted Jess, he heard him saying, “To a new beginning.” Jess told him, “You look great.”

Before asking her, Big says, “I feel good.” Life is too short to do so. “

Peloton enjoys restarting Sex and the City, and so with cheeky ads

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The frame shows two Peloton bikes, as actor Ryan Reynolds says: Cardiovascular disease.

“Cycling strengthens the heart muscle, lowers the pulse, and lowers triglyceride levels.” Then he simply adds, “He’s alive.”

It was after the fans were devastated by Mr. Big’s sudden death.

Peloton released a new commercial on Sunday
Peloton released a new commercial starring Big on Sunday

In the premiere episode, it was shown that Mr. Big frequently referred to his favorite Peloton instructor, Allegra, drawn by the brand’s actual instructor, Jess.

Near the end of the episode, Carrie was seen attending a piano recital for fellow Charlotte’s daughter, and Big began riding his Peloton bike.

After finishing his training, he set out to take a shower, but when he suddenly grabbed his shoulder and fell to the floor, he was panicked.

Fans remained shocked by the fatal accident
Fans remained shocked by the fatal accident

Carrie then said in a voice: “And just like that Big died.”

The scene shocked fans as Carrie and Big’s love story unfolded throughout Sex and the City and across two follow-up films.

Dr. Susanne Steinbaum, a cardiologist at Peloton’s Health and Wellness Advisory Board, issued a statement defending the company’s exercise bike after seeing a deadly heart attack on Big’s screen.

Mr. Big (Chris Noth) tragically dies in a new Sex and the City restart
Stocks in an American athletic company fell dramatically after Mr. Big died of a heart attack

Dr. Steinbaum wrote: “I think SATC fans like me are saddened by the news that Mr. Big died of a heart attack.

“Mr. Big lives in what many call a luxury lifestyle, such as cocktails, cigars, and big steaks, and was at serious risk because of a previous heart event in Season 6. Is an important factor and can be the cause of his death.

“Riding his Peloton bike may have even helped delay his heart event.”

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Peloton enjoys rebooting Sex and the City with cheeky ads

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