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PC Andrew Harper: Killer’s text hasn’t changed since the appeal | UK News

The ruling given to the murderer of PC Andrew Harper has not changed since the appeal in the Court of Appeals.

19-year-old Henry Long 16 years given Eighteen-year-old Jesse Cole and Albert Bowers were handed over for 13 years in July due to the death of a traffic police officer at the Thames Valley Police Department.

PC Harper, 28, hangs on a strap attached to the back of a car driven by Long and follows a winding country road as he escapes from a quad bike theft site in Berkshire on the night of August 15, 2019. I dragged and died. ..

Henry Long, Albert Bowers and Jesse Cole steal a quad bike
An unpublished photo dated 19/09/19 when Albert Bowers (left) and Jessie Cole (center) left the Reading Magistrates Court after appearing in connection with the death of PC Andrew Harper. Driver Henry Long, 19, was acquitted of the Old Bailey murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Both his passengers, Jesse Cole and Albert Bowers, were exempt from murder at the age of 18, but were found guilty of manslaughter due to the death of Andrew Harper Pc, who was trying to arrest him.
Albert Bowers (left) and Jesse Cole (center) leave Reading Administrative Court in September 2019

After the trial in Old Bailey, passengers Cole and Bowers were convicted of manslaughter, but long pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

All three were exempt from murder by the jury, who deliberated for more than 12 hours.

At that time, Lissie Harper, the widow of PC Harper, “I was totally shocked and stunned.” With the decision not to convict the murder trio.

PC Harper and wife Lizzie on wedding day

Attorney General Sula Braverman argued that the decisions of the three teenagers were “overly generous” and “the most serious manslaughter imaginable.”

Other works by Pc Andrew Harper

At a hearing in November, she said she should have given life imprisonment to the Long Court of Appeals, which was described by the prosecutor as the leader of the group.

Attorneys on behalf of the three argued that their decision was too long and should be reduced.

On Wednesday, Dame Victoria Sharp said the court had dismissed the Attorney General’s appeal against the manslaughter of Long, Cole, and Bowers, and the trio’s own appeal against their terms of detention.

The court reduced the sentence that Cole and Bowers was charged with plotting, from 38 months in custody to 18 months in custody and training orders, taking into account the age at the time of the crime.

However, Dame Victoria said, “The impact of our decision is that all three criminals remain convicted of manslaughter on PC Harper, and their total custodial sentence remains unchanged. “.

A vacation request to appeal their conviction for PC Harper’s manslaughter was rejected by Cole and Bowers as “totally indisputable.”

In a post-judgment statement, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s office said:

“Her thoughts remain in the PC Harper family due to unimaginable losses.”

PC Andrew Harper: Killer’s text hasn’t changed since the appeal | UK News

Source PC Andrew Harper: Killer’s text hasn’t changed since the appeal | UK News

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