Payday for Orka’s turnkey platform as it approaches £ 3m round of Series A

Orka, a Manchester-based software platform for relay workers to find work, both on-board and for payment, has closed £ 3m in a Series A funding round.

Orka will use the funding, which came entirely from another Manchester – based VC firm, Praetura Ventures, to accelerate product development.

This includes expanding its API integration program and using data science and machine learning to automate tasks performed by workers.

The start-up business also plans to grow in new markets, including the mechanical and electrical sectors.

The Orka gig economy platform has been used by 60,000 workers in recent years to find temporary jobs with large companies. It allows users to access 50% of their salary as soon as it is earned and will send a work passport to eliminate the requirement for background checks every time.

On average, Orka helps 6,000 people find work in more than 2,000 sites with companies such as G4S, ISS and Wilson James.

Tom Pickersgill, co – founder and CEO of Orka, said that “the employment landscape has changed dramatically” and that temporary workers are “becoming increasingly flexible and adaptable to adopt technology that will support their needs”.

Pickersgill added: “They are now looking for a job that suits their lives without having to deal with the often complicated job search process.”

Founded in 2016 Orka’s investment continues from injection of £ 29m in February last year, with total funding to date of $ 43m (£ 32.6m).

Previous investments include Praetura Ventures, which are mainly in North West-based start-ups, Peak, Cultural Change and BanciFi. Praetura Ventures has invested around £ 50m in 26 companies since 2019.

“Our long-standing mission is to support the great Northern businesses with exceptional founders. Orka ticks both boxes and we look forward to working closely with the team as they continue to address many of the pain points within the workspace and work, including lack of transparency and candidates are being nominated for roles, ”said David Foreman, managing director of Praetura Ventures.

Competitors include London-based SteadyPay a £ 4m raised this month and Dutch gig economy platform YoungOnes a launched in London earlier this month.

Payday for Orka’s turnkey platform as it approaches £ 3m round of Series A

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