Patients with asthma are forced to choose inhalers and heating as the cost of living

Rising cost of living is forcing patients to avoid purchasing life-saving medicines and equipment as staff warn that the crisis is adding additional pressure to already stretched populations. NHS.

Doctors across the country. Conversation IndependentSaid they are already seeing the impact of growth The cost of living On patients, with Asthma Patients avoid paying for life-saving inhalers.

NHS officials said the crisis would put a lot of pressure on services, especially during the winter.

Rebecca Shearer, Senior Nursing Officer at Newscastle, said: “One thing I see quite regularly is, for example, if a patient has diabetes, they will get a prescription, but if a patient has asthma, and that is not what I am already funded [running] “Problems when people have poor asthma control because they can not get a prescription – that’s what the ambulance will find out about.”

He added: “I saw patients and in a very short time, two months, they all came to ask for painkillers and when we investigated why their pain was getting worse, it was because they had a cold all day. And that they were sitting in cold houses, and when I asked about the heating, they told me they were tired of wearing it.

The news came after the government was criticized for failing to introduce legislation earlier this week to tackle a life-threatening crisis.

Moira Dawson, a senior health visitor representing the union at Unite, said nurses were already seeing new babies returning to households where they could not afford heating or “adequate” food and in some cases special baby formula.

Ms Dawson said she sees more families falling into the ‘vulnerable’ category because of the cost of living they find difficult to pay for food and heating, which means that public services that are already “out of reach” will struggle with demand even more.

Charities, led by National Voices, across the country have released a report calling on the government to introduce additional protections for people with long-term conditions and disabilities for fear that the health of these people will be affected.

Sarah Sweeney, Policy Officer at National Voices, said: “Our 190 members work with a variety of terms and communities that connect us to the experiences of millions of people. What we are constantly hearing about is the terrible impact that subsistence has on the lives of people who suffer from illness. ”

National charities are also calling on the NHS to let patients know what they are entitled to, such as assistance through the NHS Low Income Scheme.

According to the latest analysis, the number of people accessing the NHS low-income scheme has dropped dramatically from 298,000 during the pandemic to 210,000 in 2019-2020.

The rate has been declining every year since 2015-16, with the biggest drop recorded last year.

Harriet Edwards, Head of Policy and Foreign Affairs at Asthma and Lung UK, said: “As a charity, we are deeply concerned that the cost-of-living crisis is lowering the poverty line for people with asthma, and it is shocking that some now have to make choices about eating. And the ability to purchase essential medicines such as inhalers. ”

A UK study on asthma and lung disease found that 9 out of 10 low-income people had difficulty paying for asthma. Recipes And demanded a prescription fee for those who have long-term conditions

Crystal Oldman, executive director of the Queen Nursing Institute, said: “Public nurses who visit people at home are already seeing the cumulative impact of increased living costs as they work with individuals and families over time and often see multiple generations of the same family. ”

A government spokesman said: “We are aware of the pressures people are experiencing due to the rising cost of living and are taking steps to support households – reduce fuel taxes, raise the threshold by which people start paying national insurance and cut taxes at the lowest cost. Remunerated workers with universal credit to help them keep more of what they have earned. The Secretary of Health and Social Welfare has made it clear that overcoming health inequality is a priority. ”

Patients with asthma are forced to choose inhalers and heating as the cost of living

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