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Partygate. Relief in Number 10, but they still do not celebrate the survival of Boris Johnson | Political news

For five long months, the Prime Minister and his 10th team were embroiled in a party scandal.

From the revelation of numerous law-breaking events in Downhill և Whitehall to the public-political outrage that prompted Whitehall and then the police investigation, the Prime Minister will come out of it today with a huge relief.

You may find it confusing, even surprising. Eventually, the building, which is the heart of the government, the very place where the rules were adopted, will become the most fined workplace in the UK.

It: Metro Policecompleting his four-month investigation, 126 fines were imposed During eight different events, from the infamous May 20 “bring your own drink” garden party to the night before at Prince Philip’s funeral. No less than 83 state officials, politicians and advisers were fined by the police. Twenty-eight of them were repeat offenders, with two to five fines.

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When I asked Met Met Acting Commissioner Helen Bole if she was surprised by the number of fixed penalty notices, she said: »:

But the most important thing is that the Prime Minister did not receive any fine other than the one that was imposed for the surprise birthday party on June 19, despite the events that other people received.

It suggests that Metropolitan police thought his presence was “reasonably necessary” for business purposes, or that Mr. Johnson may have avoided more fines because police considered number 10 as his home.

But since another violation of the rules found in the government, No. 10, of course, does not seem to indicate the Prime Minister’s escape from further fines. A high-ranking official only told me that “the Prime Minister is grateful to the police for their work.”

Another political ally told me that this would undoubtedly be hard on the Prime Minister. This one hurdle has been overcome, and he is now awaiting the full release of Sue Gray, a senior civil servant.

It will probably be published next week, it was the evidence revealed by Sue Gray’s investigation that prompted a criminal investigation into Downing Street and Whitehall. It: interim discoveries They were quite disgusting, but it is expected that the full version will be number 10 in the curse of culture and behavior.

“It’s a good question for him, but now that we have Sue Gray’s report, I think it would be inconvenient for many civil servants to read,” said one of the prime minister’s allies.

“The Prime Minister was not on Downing Street for some of the more serious violations, but this will certainly be a difficult report for the stomach, but he will now take the opportunity to put it aside, to return to the issues that interest people. «

Many MPs told their constituents that they reserved their judgment on Mr. Johnson’s fate until the Met investigation was completed. և: Sue Gray’s report published. So, next week they have to decide whether to support the Prime Minister or not.

Politics Hub. “Now we can move on,” said the minister, as Boris Johnson avoided further fines.

But allies and enemies also know that avoiding more fines will give the prime minister some respite. Those who hovered over Boris Johnson’s push button now have reason to delay it a little longer.

“If no vote of confidence is offered after the publication of Sue Gray’s report, I am not sure in the short term what will persuade my colleagues to vote,” one of the deputies told me.

But in the long run, how can all this business play with the public? People were shocked and disappointed with the reports about the violation of the number 10 rules. The application of 126 fines proves that they were right.

Even if Mr. Johnson survives with his party, will the public forgive or forget? That is the question of the murderer.

One of the deputies, who thinks that he has suffered irreparable damage, told me that they think that the society has already decided.

“This is not a policy mistake. If the public concludes that the Prime Minister did not tell the truth, does not trust him, we will fight to get their support back. So colleagues are asked if you want to go. down with him?

But for now, Mr. Johnson is alive.

Partygate. Relief in Number 10, but they still do not celebrate the survival of Boris Johnson | Political news

Source Partygate. Relief in Number 10, but they still do not celebrate the survival of Boris Johnson | Political news

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