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Partygate. Drop letters of no confidence to PM as pressure mounts after Sue Gray’s report | Political news

The flow of Boris Johnson’s letters of no confidence continued as pressure mounted after Sue Gray’s report entered the party gates.

There have been constant drops of Conservative MPs publicly urging the Prime Minister to leave with senior civil servant Gray. has published its findings Downing Street և Blockchain parties in Whitehall.

Veteran Thor Sir Bob Neal, chairman of the Communities Justice Committee, added his name to the list on Friday, saying he did not consider the Prime Minister’s explanations “credible” and therefore sent a letter of no confidence to Sir Graham Brady.

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Mr. Johnson He said he did not consider the rallies to be celebrations, but simply viewed them as work activities, which he said were defended by the Met Police, which fined him only one event for his birthday party.

The only person who knows how many deputies submitted a letter is Sir Graham in 1922. Chairman of the Committee of Supporting Deputies of Thor deputies. 54 letters are needed to express no confidence in the Prime Minister.

On Friday night, Sky News counted 22 lawmakers, including Sir Bob, who publicly called for Mr Johnson to resign immediately after the Met Police fined the prime minister in mid-April. Not everyone found out if they had sent a letter to Sir Graham.

Sir Bob told Sky News that the pattern of behavior number 10 was “obviously breaking the rules for several months.”

“I can not accept that he did not know much about what was happening,” said the former lawyer.

“That is why, with a heavy heart, I submitted a letter of no confidence to Sir Graham Brady on Wednesday afternoon.”

He added that for the Conservatives to win the next general election, the party needs a new leader, otherwise he will lose, as some of his Bromley constituencies did in the May local elections.

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Thor MP’s vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson received another blow on Friday when Paul Holmes resigned as Assistant Secretary of State Pretty Patel, saying that “there was a deep distrust of both the government and the Conservative Party”.

Thor’s deputy said that “poisonous culture … seemed to have penetrated number 10.”

Rutland և Melton MP Alicia Kearns said Mr Johnson “continues to distrust me” but did not say whether he had sent a letter.

The Conservative MP is part of the 2019 adoption that helped Mr. Johnson win a majority.

But Mr. Johnson remained confident in his leadership.

To the question whether he is sure that he has enough support, Mr. Johnson answered. “Yes, but I think I gave some rather exhaustive answers to that in the House of Commons the other day. Then at the next press conference. “

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Partygate report in full

The Ministerial Code is changing

Changes Ministerial Code It was announced on Friday that the ministers would no longer have to resign or be fired if they were found to have violated the code.

The code, which sets the standard for the conduct of government ministers, came as a result of the Owen Patterson lobby scandal last year, when it was revealed that the former MP had violated lobbying rules, but Mr. Johnson asked his deputies not to support his resignation. . He turned around after the noise, but Mr. Patterson refused.

Opposition parties have accused the prime minister of “breaking the rules to save his skin.”

Mr Johnson is currently being investigated by the Privileges Committee over whether he deliberately misled Parliament when he repeatedly told lawmakers that there were no blocking parties on Downing Street, which police’s investigation into Ms Gray proved otherwise.

Deliberately misleading the House of Representatives is considered a matter of resignation.

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In the announcement of the changes, the Government Office says: “The government meant that small or offensive protests should be avoided, which could be for partisan reasons.

“Such protests can undermine public confidence in the standards of public life rather than strengthen it.”

Labor Party Vice President Angela Rainer said Mr Johnson was “lowering standards, lowering the principles of public life before our eyes”.

“Within a week, when Boris Johnson’s lie to the parliament about the violation of industrial rules in the heart of the government was finally revealed, he should resign, but instead delete the rules to save his own skin,” he added.

Lib Dem leader Wendy Chamberlain said the changes to the ministerial code were a “terrible attempt” by the prime minister to “falsify the rules to oust him”.

“The prime minister should not be allowed to decide his sentence with zero accountability. “This forces him to be tried by jurors in his case,” he said.

Partygate. Drop letters of no confidence to PM as pressure mounts after Sue Gray’s report | Political news

Source Partygate. Drop letters of no confidence to PM as pressure mounts after Sue Gray’s report | Political news

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