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Partygate. Boris Johnson insists Britain should move beyond blockade of Downing Street after Sue Gray’s curse | Political news

Boris Johnson has argued that Britain should leave the party’s gates after Sue Gray’s report revealed a number of blockade violations on Downing Street.

The Prime Minister said he assumed “all the responsibility”. for the scandal, but refused new calls to resign as he tried to reduce his personal participation in rallies.

He said the “overwhelming majority” thought he should stay in office, despite public outrage over the “bitter” pain of the investigation.

Mr. Johnson He apologized for attending his first birthday party, for which he was fined by police, but said he had not been fined for any other incident.

Politics live. Damning Sue Gray report published

The full report was postponed for four months separately Police investigationDowning Street և Whitehall’s 16 parties that took place before the COVID restrictions were in effect between 2020 and 2021 gave a damn picture with photos.

These included:

• Large numbers of people participated in the events և violated the COVID guidelines
• Staff felt unable to raise concerns about behavior
• Excessive alcohol use was reported, one person was ill, a fight took place
• Reportedly drunk և told staff to leave through the back door
• One event lasted until 4.20
• Top leadership, political or official, must be responsible for culture
• Most juniors attended meetings attended or organized by their superiors.
• There were “numerous instances” of lack of respect for security և lack of respect for cleaning staff:.

After the “Bring Your Own Drink” party to which 200 people were invited in May 2020, Martin Reynolds, the Prime Minister’s Secretary-General, said: [it]»:

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Partygate report in full

It was revealed that Ms. Gray had dropped her investigation into the Abba party at Mr Johnson’s apartment, which marked the departure of Dominique Cummings, the prime minister’s top adviser, in November 2020 because he had gathered “limited” information when the Met launched its investigation. .

He confirmed that Mr. Johnson was there, that alcohol and food were being offered.

The Prime Minister apologized

Mr Johnson said most of the report was “news to me” because he said he was unaware of the many events that followed his own short speeches. He said he was “horrified” to learn of them.

He said at the Downing Street press conference. “I understand why people are upset, why people are angry about what happened.”

Under pressure from Sky News political editor Beth Rigby, when did he ever think of resigning?

“No matter how bitter, painful these conclusions are, they are, no matter how humble they are, I must continue to move forward, and the government must continue to move forward. And so we are. ”

The Prime Minister also denied that he had lied to the House of Commons when he had previously told MPs that all the rules had been followed, claiming that he really believed in it at the time.

As Mr. Johnson tries to move beyond the “partgate”, the Treasury confirmed that the Chancellor will announce plans for further living expenses on Thursday, which will be presented in early June.

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Prime Minister. “I just was not there.”

Increased thorium anger

Government ministers, including Foreign Minister Liz Tras and Justice Minister Dominique Raab, lined up to offer their support to the Prime Minister.

But longtime critic-conservative MP Tobias Elwood asked the Prime Minister. “Can he think of any other prime minister who would allow a culture of such discipline to prevail under their control? Wouldn’t they have resigned if that had happened?”

Conservative MP Julian Stardy later tweeted that he believed Gray’s report showed that “the resignation of the Prime Minister is now in the public interest.”

Labor demands resignation of PM

Labor leader Sir Kir Starmer said the report “will stand as a monument to the arrogance of the government, which believes it is one rule for them and another rule for all.”

He told Mr Johnson that “it was time to pack his bags” and that the Tories had “set a lower limit on his behavior than the snake’s belly”.

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The Prime Minister, in turn, called Sir Carey “Sir Beer Corma”, referring to the investigation he is facing due to the alleged blockade in Durham.

Mr Johnson also denied that he had asked Ms Gray whether she should publish her report after the Met Police had completed their investigation last week.

The leader of the Lib Democratic Party, Sir Ed Davey, said: “Any other prime minister will have to resign because of such a damaging report, but Conservative lawmakers still support Johnson, allowing him to cling to it.”

Partygate. Boris Johnson insists Britain should move beyond blockade of Downing Street after Sue Gray’s curse | Political news

Source Partygate. Boris Johnson insists Britain should move beyond blockade of Downing Street after Sue Gray’s curse | Political news

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