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Participate in Nepal’s Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program

The British Embassy in Kathmandu believes that building and promoting supportive relationships is the key to empowering women and girls. Therefore, on International Day of the Girl 2021, we invite all young women in Nepal to apply for a one-year mentoring program run by a group of women-led embassies and development agencies.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to receive guidance from the female ambassador of Kathmandu and the head of the institution to help improve their leadership skills.

What we are offering

Successful applicants will be mentored by one of the following mentors:

  • British Ambassador to Nepal, His Excellency Nicola Pollitt
  • Australian Ambassador to Nepal, His Excellency Felicity Volk
  • EU Ambassador to Nepal, His Excellency Nona Dupre
  • Swiss Ambassador to Nepal, His Excellency Elizabeth von Capeller
  • Representative of USAID, Sepideh Keyvanshad
  • Shahida MacDougall, Country Director, British Council, Nepal
  • United Nations Resident Coordinator Sarah Baisorou Nyanti
  • Elke Wish, UNICEF representative of Nepal
  • UNDP Permanent Representative, Ayshanie Medagangoda-Labe

For successful applicants, the program includes:

  1. Six personalized mentoring sessions with mentors focusing on the skills essential to leadership development and career growth. We encourage you to talk about your priorities, such as setting career goals, planning, networking, communication, and personal brands.

  2. Networking opportunities. You will be invited to related events and conferences hosted by one or more of the participating embassies to participate in discussions on related issues and build a useful network.

  3. “Job shadowing” day with high-ranking embassy and institutional officials. If conditions permit, you will have the opportunity to cast a shadow over senior officials, including the ambassador / chief engineer, and observe their day-to-day operations. We plan a daily schedule for you.

  4. An event to meet with all mentors on or before and after International Women’s Day to celebrate women’s leadership.

All events, sessions and shadowing opportunities are subject to COVID-19 conditions and may take place virtually or in small groups, depending on the conditions at the time.

way to participate

Upload to WeTransfer, YouTube, or Google Drive and submit your 1 minute video (maximum) to submit and submit a link to. kathmandu.reception@fcdo.gov.uk Explain why you want to participate in this leadership mentoring program and what other countries and development agencies can do to empower youth in Nepal.

Shoot the video in landscape or landscape orientation. Make sure that the background is not overcrowded and there is too much ambient noise when recording. The video should be bright enough to clearly show the participants. We recommend that you devise a recording format and style. Avoid sharing large files.

A selection committee of embassy staff, led by one or more ambassadors or heads, reviews the application and selects the best one to participate in the scheme. We are looking for:

  • enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Understanding how to benefit from this opportunity
  • A clear idea of ​​how to use what you have learned

What you need to know

If successful, you will be part of the first Menty Cohort from 2021 to 2022. We will prepare a one-year schedule for you. However, for successful mentoring, candidates need to be proactive. You need to make time for planning and reflection, attending discussion sessions focusing on agreed themes every two months, and networking opportunities.

In particular, we welcome applications from girls who belong to minorities and marginalized communities.

Contest rules

  1. Videos up to 60 seconds long should be sent as a link via WeTransfer, YouTube, or Google Drive, and emailed to. kathmandu.reception@fcdo.gov.uk The subject is “Application: Leadership Mentoring Program 2021”. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 23:59 NPT.

  2. If you have any questions, please contact us. kathmandu.reception@fcdo.gov.uk The subject is “Query: Leadership Mentoring Program 2021”.

  3. Videos can be created in either Nepali or English.

  4. When sending a video, please include your name, age, place of residence and contact number in the email you cover.

  5. Participation in the contest is open to women aged 18-30 who live in Nepal during the contest. Unfortunately, the families of embassy and group staff are not eligible to apply for this opportunity.

  6. Submissions that are not selected but contain personal data will be deleted after the winners are announced.

  7. Winners selected by a special selection committee of staff from participating embassies / organizations led by British Ambassador Nicola Pollitt will be announced by Tuesday, December 7, 2021.

  8. With the consent of the applicant, the winning video may be shared on the social media channels of the British Embassy in Kathmandu or other participating organizations.

  9. The work of the selection committee is kept secret and the decision may not be appealed.

  10. Submissions shall be disqualified if they are found to have been stolen or submitted by an unqualified person. Other sources of content must be credited appropriately.

  11. Winners will be contacted by the organizer with logistic details and arrangements. The program of sessions, events and opportunities will be decided by the organizer and shared with successful mentees.

  12. If the winner (and chaperone, if necessary) needs to travel from outside Kathmandu to participate in the scheme, the organizer will bear a reasonable travel expense.

  13. You must be prepared to bring a valid ID card with a photo and age / date of birth upon arrival at the event.

Participate in Nepal’s Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program

SourceParticipate in Nepal’s Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program

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