Parlor CEO John Mets said the tech giant’s suspension of the app threatened his life.

Parlor CEO says he has been threatened with murder since the social media platform came into the limelight when rivals closed accounts owned by Donald Trump and his allies.

John Mets, who launched the app in August 2018 as an alternative to Twitter, said he had been destroyed by a tech giant.

“People are threatening my life,” he said. “I can’t go home tonight.

“So there are so many, you know. This is not just our civil liberties. [Big Tech] You can close a billion-dollar company or a five-billion-dollar company overnight. “

Apple, Google, and Amazon banned parlors from the app store on Friday after failing to moderate “malicious content” posted by users in connection with the violent siege last week.

Parlor CEO John Mets said he was threatened with murder Monday night.

Welcomed by Donald Trump supporters as a conservative alternative to Twitter, the parlor is considered a far-right magnet and continues to allow messages to incite violence after the attack on Wednesday’s Capitol. Was accused by Apple, Google, and Amazon

Mr. Trump was blocked from Twitter and Facebook on Thursday after being seen as a threat to the country and causing anxiety. Twitter lost $ 2 billion on Monday after Trump was kicked off the platform.

Presidential supporters have abandoned social media giants in protest and flocked to parlors-increasing shelters for the voices of radicals and Trump supporters.

Amy Peakov, the company’s chief content officer, further said that Orwell is the social media company that drives parlors off the platform.

Parlor CEO John Mets warned in his last post before the 3:00 am deadline that tech companies are “likely to go down longer than expected” because they’re away from the site.

“High-tech giants want their models to become the standard for the entire Internet,” she said. “And for us, I think it takes Orwell’s 1984 from a dystopian novel and turns it into an instruction manual for everyone to follow.”

Matze told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that he was “scary” about how comprehensive and quick his blacklist was.

“You never think it will happen, right?” Maze told Carlson. ‘Uh?

“What’s really interesting is that they all happened on the same day. [Apple, Google and Amazon] Without prior warning. We woke up thinking about business on Friday, business as usual.

Matze told Carlson when Google removed Parler, “There was no notification from Google. We first read it online in the news. It’s shocking.”

Carlson said he was angry with “a corporate coward who succumbed to pressure to silence you.”

Matze continues. “Many people say this is scary, but many people take part in a five-minute hatred and enthusiastically support it. I hate it.”

He said his team is working to find a way to stay running, despite the actions of Amazon, Google and Apple.

“We won’t give up, so we’ll eventually back it up,” he said.

“You need to build your own infrastructure just to do that.”

Immediately after 3 am EST on Monday, Parler disappeared from the web with the error message “Unable to connect to server” after Amazon unplugged.

The app was removed from the Google app store after conservative social media users flocked to the site under the Parliamentary attack

Parler’s Chief Content Officer, Amy Peikoff, described her company’s restrictions as Orwellian.

What are Parler’s options now?

Losing access to Google and Apple’s app store, where the operating system powers hundreds of millions of smartphones, significantly limits Parler’s reach, even though it’s still accessible via a web browser Will be done.

The decision by Amazon Web Services to remove the parlor means that in addition to “rebuilding the site from scratch”, it needs to be scrambled to find another web host.

Both Google and Apple launched Gab from the App Store in 2017 and remained Internet homeless for some time the following year due to anti-Semitic posts accused of killing 11 people at the Pittsburgh synagogue. became. Microsoft has also terminated its web hosting agreement.

This is optional as we are currently hosting through our own server.

Or you can find another server that is willing to host your site. Max Aliapoulios, a PhD candidate in computer science, told Business Insider:

“That said, there is now precedent, and parlors will always have a difficult fight finding a home to host them on the Internet.”

Parlor Chief Content Officer Peakov reiterated Matz’s concerns.

She told Fox’s Sean Hannity that the parlor was “made to promote” productive discussions “between people from different perspectives who actually try them out by talking to each other.”

Peakov said parlors are an alternative to surveillance that came with other social media platforms.

“We wanted to treat this content in a way that respects people’s privacy, and that’s what we’re against right now.”

Parlor announced Monday morning that it was suing Amazon and called for a temporary restraint order to prevent Amazon Web Services (AWS) from blackballing the parlor.

The proceedings allege that Amazon Web Services violates Sherman antitrust law by blocking the parlor.

Parlor claims to be discriminated against because it competes directly with social media giant Twitter.

“Last month, Defendant Amazon Web Services (‘AWS’) and popular social media platform Twitter signed a multi-year contract to help AWS support the daily delivery of millions of tweets,” Fox gets. Court documents, status.

‘AWS is now offering the same service to its competitor Parler, an alternative to Twitter’s conservative microblogging.

“When Twitter announced two nights ago that it would permanently ban President Trump from the platform, conservative users began rushing away from Twitter for the parlor.

“Exodus was so big that the next day, yesterday, Parler became the number one free app downloaded from Apple’s App Store.”

Twitter’s abandonment was reflected in the stock price.

Twitter confirmed a 6% drop in shares on Monday-after banning Trump from the platform, it wiped out $ 2 billion from the company’s value on the first day of trading.

Trump’s account has 88.7 million followers, which is almost half of the company’s total monetizable daily active users.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Trump’s loss was felt by the platform and urged Twitter to find new attractions “very quickly.”

CNBC analyst Jim Cramer said Twitter is feeling Donald Trump’s departure.

Twitter lost $ 2 billion after trading on Monday as Mr. Trump was blocked from the site

“I think there are a lot of people who literally know that the president is the most important person. I had to keep checking the president and then the people talking about him,” Kramer said. Said.

“And you had this endless wave, this web created by the president, and it was like action and reaction, so the surprise factor of going to Twitter, where I was the president, of course, is gone I think! “

Kramer said he noticed that Twitter feeds were less checked because Trump was banned from the platform.

“I don’t think Twitter has always talked about Trump’s power to attract people, so we need to come up with a new treatise very quickly,” he added.

“The real Donald Trump says he was a great sales person on Twitter.”

Parlor CEO John Mets said the tech giant’s suspension of the app threatened his life.

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