Paris Hilton Supports US Bill of Rights for Caring Children | US News

Paris Hilton called on US politicians to adopt a “rights bill” for the children they care for after the abuse she suffered as a child.

Former reality TV star Revealed last year She said she was abused, choked, slapped, spyed while taking a shower, forced to take unnecessary medications, and deprived of sleep when she was a teenager.

A 40-year-old man who spoke outside Capitol Hill on Wednesday said:

“The reason is the lack of transparency and accountability throughout the system.”

California Democrat Ro Khanna has called parents to children in adolescents and said they are drafting a bill to free them from detention and to have access to clean drinking water and nutritious meals. ..

Eligible facilities include facilities for children with fate or mental health problems, facilities that rely on taxpayer funding, and facilities paid by parents seeking care for troubled teens.

Hilton, the great-grandson of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton, first made a name for himself as a reality check star, but told reporters Wednesday that “I’m a survivor, not as Paris Hilton.” I’m here. “

She describes her experience at four different care facilities over two years:

Hilton was with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Member Ro Khanna. Pic: AP

“I couldn’t sleep at night for 20 years. When I remembered physical violence, felt lonely, and closed my eyes, the loss of my companion ran through my head.

“This was not just insomnia, but trauma.

“One night, at the age of 16, I woke up in my bedroom with two big men and asked if I wanted to go the easy or the difficult way.

“I thought I was kidnapped and shouted at my parents. As I was being dragged out of my house, I saw him crying in the hallway. That night, my parents didn’t come to help.

“This was my introduction to the troubled teenage industry.

“My parents promised that harsh love would fix me and send me all over the country.”

She added: “Every day in the United States, children in a collective care environment are physically, emotionally and sexually abused. Children even die in the hands of their care managers.

“This bill creates an urgently needed bill of rights to ensure that all children placed in the collective facility are provided with a safe and humane environment.

“This bill provides protection that I have not been given, such as access to education, access to the outdoors, freedom from abusive treatment, and even the basic right to speak and move freely. ..

“If I had these rights and could exercise them, I would have been saved from more than 20 years of trauma and serious PTSD.”

Paris Hilton Supports US Bill of Rights for Caring Children | US News

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