Paris Hilton and husband Carterium shut down Santa Monica Pier for wedding carnival

She may have finally found her prince fascinating with entrepreneur Carter Leum, but the desperate romantic Paris Hilton has many false starts on her way to married bliss. I did. With sex tape scandals, bitter farewells, fleeting celebrity romance, and a total of four engagements, looks back at the history of a very broad relationship with a 40-year-old hotel heir …

Chris Zylka-2017-2018

Before finding love with Carter, Paris’ latest proposal was with HBO actor Chris Zylka. The pair started dating in 2017 and he proposed a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado just a year later in January 2018. At that time, Paris described their romance as follows: It’s perfect for me in every way. They will break up in a few months.

Former Factor: 2018 Paris and Former Fiancé Chris Zylka

Thomas Gross – 2016

Simple Life star and businessman Thomas Gross (worth more than $ 200 million) was on a one-year date before breaking up in April 2016. The two met at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and are said to have succeeded immediately. She named him “soulmate” in the Instagram caption at the time and took him on a wedding date for her sister Nicky Hilton, but it wasn’t.

River Viperi – 2012-2014

This Spanish model, River Viperi and Paris, had a two-year date. And during the party, it was common to see this pair packed into a PDA. However, the hotel heirs moved in 2014 and kissed a mysterious man on the beach in Malibu to confirm their dissolution.

Model example: Paris and the Viperin River 2014

Afrojack – 2012

Paris had a relationship with Afrojack in 2012. Her rep denied reports that she was abandoned by the DJ and instead claimed that she was a “best friend” and “loved and supported each other very much.”

Cy Waits – 2010-2011

Reality stars will wait almost a year before the nightclub organizer Cy splits in June 2011. When arrested in Las Vegas, Cy was arrested for drunk driving and things got worse. He eventually lost his job as head of nightclub operations in Win and Angkor in Las Vegas.

PDA: Heirs I saw with Doug Reinhardt in 2009

Doug Reinhardt – 2009-2010

There was no lost love between Paris and The Hills star Doug Reinhardt. After a messy split, she told Us Weekly: I don’t even remember that moment in my life. I’m on it! I realized that he didn’t have to be. So I finished it because it deserves a better one! He wasn’t right for me and would eventually find someone who would love me about who I am. “

Benji Madden – 2008

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden had been dating for nine months before he married Cameron Diaz. But it wasn’t when he broke up with a Good Charlotte guitarist in November 2008. “She is sad to say goodbye, but they were so different that they wanted something different in their lives,” said a source at the time. “He was loyal and kind, but it was time to take a break.”

Rocker: Stars painted with Benji Madden in 2008

Stavros Niarchos – 2006

Stavros Niarchos, son of the Greek billionaire shipping king, dated Paris around 2006 and called him resigned a year later. Prior to Paris, Niarchos was associated with Mary-Kate Olsen. The two promised to remain friends.

Paris Kassidokosta-2004-2005

Paris almost married her Greek socialite and shipping heir, Paris Cassido Costas Lattice, of the same name. They started dating in December 2004 and got engaged only eight months later. However, the couple stopped things by September next year. She was famously complaining that a 24-carat diamond ($ 4.7 million worth) was too heavy on her finger.

Selfie pioneer: Paris snaps with Stavros Niarchos

Pose: Paris and Paris Lattice in 2005

Nick Carter – 2004

The celebrity and Backstreet Boys singer Nick was an item for seven months before the final split in July 2004. He later said in his autobiography some unfriendly things about Paris, writing: [She] It gave my worst urge to the party. Paris replied: “I don’t think I had a negative effect on Nick … I’m glad he helped with his problem.

Deryck Whibley – 2003

Sum 41 frontmen Deryck Whibley and Paris Hilton were linked for several months in 2003. At that time, he was found kissing at a party circuit in Los Angeles, but the relationship between the two soon disappeared.

Pop Star Rivals: Paris Dates Both Backstreet Boys Nick Carter and Sum 41 Frontman Deryck Whibley

First Great Love: Paris and her ex-fiancé, model Jason Shaw, 2002

Jayson Shaw-2002

Hilton’s heirs first worked on Jason Shaw’s model shortly before turning 21 in 2002, but split in 2003. They looked just like friends, but were linked again in late 2010. ‘I love him very much. We were very intimate and I knew him for a very long time, “she told Ellen DeGeneres at the time.

Rick Salomon – 2001

Perhaps one of her most famous exes, the relationship between Paris and Rick, became a hot topic when poker players leaked their sex tapes in 2004 after the split. Paris later said she felt “very betrayed” and recently claimed that the entire experience left her with PTSD. “That was my first real relationship. 18. I loved him so much and wanted to make him happy,” she said in a recent document, “This Is Paris.” “And I remember him pulling out the camera, and he was pushing me into it. It was like being electronically raped.”

Edward Furlong – 2000

Paris confirmed her romance in Terminator 2: Judgment Day Star after rumors swirled about engagement and wedding. “No, we’re not married, but he’s my boyfriend. We’ve been steadily working together for about a month,” she notified the New York Post in September 2000. Did.

Notorious: Paris can be seen with Rick Salomon, who made her infamous sex tape around 2001

Paris Hilton and husband Carterium shut down Santa Monica Pier for wedding carnival

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