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The latest version, RAS Parallel 19, improves deployment flexibility for workloads while optimizing data security while streamlining IT management.

Parallelworld leader in cross-platform solutions, today announcing the availability of a public technical preview RAS Parallel (Remote Application Server) 19. The latest updates and features of this release will enable organizations of all sizes to leverage enhanced deployment flexibility to increase and shift workloads to the cloud, increase data security, and reduce costs. and streamlining IT management.

The new features in Parallels RAS 19 are designed to solve common critical issues that organizations face; address the exponential growth of teleworking, greater use of private or public cloud, the unprecedented increase in cyber-attacks, and the need to provide employee experiences that match the quality of consumers’ everyday experiences. Through this release, Parallels RAS can now empower businesses to:

  • Improve deployment flexibility for lifting and shift workloads – Provide enhanced deployment flexibility for organizations and their employees that extends to multi-cloud for virtual applications and desktop delivery as well as multiple application deployment modes. This is becoming a standard business requirement as we step into the next phase of hybrid work.
  • Farewell to remote workers– Provide governance for IT leaders to protect remote workers from cyber security threats from a new era – creating a company culture based on protection against weak links of human error.

  • Streamline their IT costs and management– Enabling cross-functional teams to manage their IT budgets and promote faster product delivery. These new features will help ensure more efficient use of resources with automated capabilities and streamlined configurations, reducing IT management efforts while at the same time lowering consumption costs.

“We are committed to innovating our customers and have built a virtual desktop infrastructure solution that will help employees be productive anywhere,” he said. Christian Aquilina, Sr. Product Management Director for RAS Parallels. “And with RAS 19 Parallelism we have expanded the flexibility and security of deployment while maintaining the simplicity at the forefront.”

Visit the What’s new web page for the full list of new features or features Parallel RAS product page to learn more.

New RAS 19 Key Related features include:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud provider
  • MSIX app connection integration
  • Let’s Encrypt certificate management
  • Parallel Client for Windows on ARM64
  • Screening and expression-based policies
  • Power management
  • Find an email based account
  • Control of login hours
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Providers.
  • Specific URL redirect

Trial and Availability:

The public technical preview of Parallels RAS 19, released today, provides early access to the new features that will help enhance deployment flexibility and security while keeping simplicity in mind. Existing customers can log on to their Parallel My Account to download and install RAS 19 Technical Preview. New users can sign up for an account at:

RAS Parallel 19 General Availability is expected in early summer 2022.

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Parallel Partnership empowers Hybrid Organizations and Professionals to Work Safely Without Borders –

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