Pakistan’s England tour next month will be plagued by security concerns after New Zealand withdraws from the tour

England’s Pakistan tour next month is likely to be canceled this weekend amid growing security concerns.

The move took place hours before the start of the first day’s international trip, after New Zealand abandoned its trip to Pakistan.


Pakistan visited the United Kingdom in July for the T20 series of three games

With doubt Ashes continue due to Covid restrictions, It’s the latest blow to Britain’s uncertain winter plans.

Even if ash occurs, some players can pull out and become all-rounders Ben Stokes seems certain to miss a trip..

Kiwi’s decision to leave Pakistan came after “the rising level of New Zealand Government’s threat to Pakistan.”

However, it caused widespread anger, and the Pakistan Cricket Commission claimed that “there are no security threats of any kind to the visiting team.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who won the 1992 World Cup, pleaded in vain to continue his trip to Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand.

NS England Using the same security advisor as New Zealand, it seems unlikely that Eoin Morgan and his team will visit Pakistan.

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England men will play T20 International Thank you for Pakistan coming to the UK last summer “on October 13th and 14th in Rawalpindi. Women in England will play six White Ball games.

England hasn’t played in Pakistan since 2005.

The tour has been suspicious since the Taliban seized power in neighboring Afghanistan (which has resulted in instability in the region).

The ECB statement said: We are in contact with the Pakistani field security team to understand the situation. The ECB Board will decide whether to continue the tour within the next 24-48 hours. “

Some of Pakistan’s top players tweeted their anger and upset.

Captain and star batter Bavar Azam wrote:

“I fully trust the capabilities and credibility of our security agencies. They are our pride and will always be! Pakistan Jindabad!”

And T20 Deputy Captain Shadab Khan added: This is sad. Pakistanis love cricket. We have worked really hard to get the cricket back here. PSL and other teams visiting Pakistan are proof of our hospitality and security arrangements. We will continue to make efforts in the future. #PakistanZindabad “

The PCB statement states: We have guaranteed the same for New Zealand cricket.

“The Prime Minister of Pakistan personally spoke with the Prime Minister of New Zealand, telling us that we have one of the best intelligence systems in the world and that the visiting team does not have any security threats of any kind.

“The security authorities of the New Zealand team are pleased with the security arrangements while the Pakistani government is staying here.

“The PCB is ready to continue the scheduled match, but cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan and around the world will be disappointed with this last-minute withdrawal.”

However, Kiwi’s Prime Minister Adhan argued: “When I spoke to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, I thanked him for taking care of the New Zealand cricket team.

“I think it’s a disappointment for everyone that the game isn’t progressing, but we fully support the decisions made. Player safety must be our top priority.”

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Pakistan’s England tour next month will be plagued by security concerns after New Zealand withdraws from the tour

Source link Pakistan’s England tour next month will be plagued by security concerns after New Zealand withdraws from the tour

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