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Pakistani Prime Minister accused of rape

Islamabad-Pakistan’s Human Rights and Women’s Rights Group has called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to publicly apologize for a statement linking women’s clothing to the cause of rape.

“The whole concept of this veil in our religion (Islam) is to avoid the temptation of society. Not everyone in society has the power of will to rule (self). Society The higher the level of obsceneness, the more “it will have an impact,” Khan said on Sunday in a live television broadcast answering the caller’s question.

Activists expressed anger and demanded a public apology in a protest outside the National Press Club in the capital Islamabad on Thursday.

“Pakistan women, as well as Pakistani men, were struck by the prime minister for saying that men could not control themselves and their temptations. Seeing women in public without suffering. “

At the beginning of the week, a statement of condemnation, signed by hundreds of people, including several rights groups, and disseminated on social media was urgent to the Prime Minister, his entire cabinet, and all members of the government, as well as an apology. He also demanded gender sensitization training.

“It is an apology for rape to link the crime of rape, a crime of power and control, with” temptation “and” obscenity. ” This reflects a lack of understanding of the causes of sexual violence, provides justification and makes people even more daring. “We are committing this vicious crime.”

A government spokesman said Khan’s comments were distorted.

“”[W]The Prime Minister expressed deep concern about it and talked about the need to put together our efforts to completely eliminate the threat of social response and rape, “a spokesman said in a statement sent to the media Wednesday. Said.

He said he remains committed to “using all the means the government has at its disposal to tackle the outbreak of rape.”

However, individuals and rights groups continued to demand an apology, saying Kahn showed a lack of understanding of the issue.

“If vulgarity was the reason for the rape, PM, why is the madrassa boy raped? What about a very young girl and a dead woman pulled out of the grave for rape? How are they? Are you spreading vulgarity ?? ”I asked Fatima Atif, who lives in Islamabad, in a protest on Thursday.

Activist Safir Ullah called on Khan to educate himself on gender issues.

“He needs to understand sexism. Only then will he understand the rigors of his remarks. I don’t think he understands what he said and its impact on society.” He said.

File-Members of the Civil Society Group will attend a rally in Karachi, Pakistan, on September 12, 2020, condemning the rape incident on a deserted highway.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, a non-profit organization, said the statement was “frightening” and showed “mysterious ignorance of where, why and how rape occurred.”

An internationally renowned cricket player, Kahn had a reputation as a feminizer before turning to politics and becoming enthusiastic and religious. Since then, he has blamed sexual content and obscenity on increasing rape and the collapse of family units.

“When I went (to the UK at the age of 18) they had one divorce in 17 marriages. Today they have a 70% divorce rate and are increasing,” he said. Said.

In India, he said, the film industry is partially responsible for New Delhi being called the world’s rape capital.

Rights groups said his remarks were equivalent to victim blame.

“Rape is done by rape criminals and the culture is strengthened by rape apologies. PM @ ImranKhanPTI must apologize for this ruthless and harmful statement and stop blaming the victims.” The Women’s Action Forum of the Rights Group said on Twitter.

Protesting activists on Thursday said it was time for Khan’s supporters to step up.

“His voters need to ask him for an explanation,” said William Perves. “Our voters have become blind supporters of their leaders.”

Khan’s ex-British wife, Jemima Goldsmith, wanted the statement to be a mistranslation of his words.

“Imlan, who I knew, said,’Put the veil on the eyes of men, not women,'” she tweeted.

She also told her about an incident in Saudi Arabia a few years ago until she revealed that an older woman had been harassed by a young man while in Abaya and Nikab (covering her face). Said said.

“The problem isn’t women’s clothing!” Goldsmith said.

Pakistani Prime Minister accused of rape

SourcePakistani Prime Minister accused of rape

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