Paddy McGuinness had a vasectomy because he and Christine knew it wasn’t right to have any more children.

Paddy field When Christine McGuinness A proud parent for three children. Twins Penelope and Leo, 8 and 5 year old Felicity.

And in a new autobiography, “Beautiful Nightmare,” by campaign participants, why she excluded having no children anymore, like her older siblings, after the youngest was diagnosed with autism. Revealed.

Talking about Paddy’s vasectomy in 2019, 33-year-old Christine said her husband had surgery because three autistic children needed “very much” of the couple’s “time and care.” I told the reader that I had decided to take it.

“Life is already very fulfilling and we are pushed to the limit,” she wrote.

“We love them and I’m not going to change them, but another baby from our three babies who really need all the support and attention we can give them It would have been for us, not them, to take the time to take. “

Paddy and Christine decided not to give birth to another baby so that they could focus on their three children.

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Christine revealed that it was a “difficult decision” for both her and her husband, the TV presenter.

“I’m still curious,” said the 33-year-old. “Deeper into it, it was emotionally difficult because I always wanted another one, but mentally it turned out to be the right choice.

“We are very lucky with three gorgeous children. After all, three are magic numbers.”

Christine says three are the magic numbers of her and Paddy

Christine’s first autobiography Is full of revelations and tragic stories, and one of the topics Christine delved into in the book is She was also diagnosed with autism and revealed how it would affect her life..

Prior to the release she said all right! While writing the book, she could see “too many similarities” between herself and her children, “it was pretty obvious,” she is also autistic.

“We always thought it was hereditary, and it wasn’t a shock to me that I was diagnosed,” she said.

Taking advantage of the positive points when she learned that she had a medical condition, Christine added: You can tell them that the mummies are okay and the mummies are also autistic, and they are a bit like me. “

With twins Penelope and Leo and their daughter Felicity

Christine’s autobiography can be pre-ordered

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Paddy McGuinness had a vasectomy because he and Christine knew it wasn't right to have any more children.

Source link Paddy McGuinness had a vasectomy because he and Christine knew it wasn't right to have any more children.

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