Paddy McGuinness cries with autistic children saying they “win the lottery” with Christine

Paddy McGuinness He couldn’t hold back his tears as he spewed over his wife Christine And their new BBC documentary Paddy And Christine McGuinness: Our Family And Autism’s three autistic children.

Recently 48 years old They had a vasectomy because they knew it wasn’t right to have a child anymore, Opened the door to twins Leo, Penelope (8 years old) and Felicity (5 years old) in a powerful scene.

Disassembling, Paddy explained how lucky children are to have a mom like Christine, 33. Gushing over her, he said.

Paddy McGuinness began taking care of his three autistic children

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Next, Top Gear hosts shared that all three children have very different personalities and challenges. These couples have a hard time understanding it as “a complex obstacle that affects the way we see and interact with the world.”

He went on to explain that his twins understood a four-year-old child, “the gap seems to widen with age.”

But what really reaches Paddy isn’t necessarily the challenge they face, but the ability to really know how much they are loved by their parents.

Paddy said their kids “winned the lottery” with Christine

“I think what comes to me with them all, and that’s just what I think.” Do they know how much they are loved? Do they understand what love is? “He said.

Recently paddy, He once said he had almost burned down his childhood home, He went on to say, “When I’m with Leo in bed every night, I tell him,’Who loves you more than anything else in the world?'” He says, “You I will do that. ” Then I go, “Do you like daddy?” And he will go, “Yeah.”

“But I think of myself,’Is he just saying it, or does he know it?'”

Christine and her husband Paddy's three children were diagnosed with autism
Paddy is worried that they may not know how much their children are loved

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The fight against all his children must experience a paddy who was led to seek treatment after he fell into “missing” depression.

He states:

“In that whole haze of clinical depression, if you gave me the opportunity to get rid of autism from my children, I would have said’yes’, but autism. Is part of who they are, so why do I want to rob some of my children I love?

Paddy focuses on giving his children as much love as possible

Christine and Paddy McGuinness

“I wasn’t unhappy with me. I was generally stressed, but I thought the only thing I could do for my kids was to live as comfortable as possible, so I turned my butt over. . “

The doting father said, “What I should have thought about was that I needed to give them as much love as possible. It was to spend time with them. I understand that now. “

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Paddy McGuinness cries with autistic children saying they "win the lottery" with Christine

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