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P and O Ferries Pride of Kent detained after port authorities | Great Britain |: news

The ship was detained after it failed security checks by authorities. This follows MCA’s claims that earlier today, Kent Pride was being tested to make sure it was safe to sail without passengers or cargo before a full examination later. The spokesman of the agency said. “Our surveyors are in the process of arresting Kent Pride.” This is the second P&O ship to be conducted. On Saturday, the European Causeway remained confined to the port of Larne, Northern Ireland, “due to crew failures, ship documents and crew failures”.

Additional details are expected until tonight, the MCA spokesperson added. “We are waiting for the confirmation of all the detained items.”

Kent Pride was launched in 1991 as the European Highway, serving P & O’s Dover to Zebrugge. In 2003, it joined the company’s corridor passenger ferry fleet.

The National Union of Railway and Maritime Transport Workers (RMT) says: “It is quite rare for MCA to seize a ferry, but P&O has now had two ferries in a week, which speaks to the dire situation. their activities. “

Transport Secretary Grant Shaps wrote on Twitter: “MCA informed me this evening that they had inspected the ship belonging to P&O Ferries.

“As a result, the ship #PrideOfKent has now been arrested.

“Security will not be endangered, further inspections will continue.”

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His comments echoed this morning’s warning that P&O would have to cancel the deadline this Thursday to sign redundancy or non-disclosure agreements after the company re-hired formerly paid employees.

According to P&O, 430 of the dismissed staff fully accepted the reduction offer, while only 29 have not yet confirmed that they will do so.

Writing to Peter Habletwait, the company’s chief executive, Mr. Shaps told him that P&O Ferries “would have little choice but to reverse your decision anyway” as the legal package would “block the outcome pursued by P&O Ferries. including: “Paying less than the minimum wage.”

Mr Shaps is expected to present an eight-point plan on Wednesday that would include tightening labor legislation for ship operators in UK waters. Reduction և Minimum Wage Advice is part of the planned changes.

In an effort to persuade P&O Ferries to reinstate 800 laid-off workers, the ministers plan to force all ferry companies operating in UK ports to pay at least the National Minimum Wage.

This comes after RMT said the agency had hired Dover World Indian staff in Dover at a much lower wage than the national minimum wage of 91 8.91 for workers over the age of 23 to replace them. whose company has reduced.

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RMT Secretary-General Mick Lynch described the move as a reflection of the brutality of the seizures, which were transmitted via a pre-recorded Zoom message with little notice.

He said. “The news that sailors on ships in British ports now have to be paid $ 2.38. [£1.81 at the current exchange rate] One hour is the shocking exploitation of these sailors, another betrayal of those who have been fired.

“The rule of law, ‘decent employment’, acceptable norms of conduct have been completely violated under the White Rocks of Dover in other ports, but five days after this national crisis, the government has done nothing to stop it.”

Calling to intervene in No. 10, he added. “These shameful ships should not be allowed to sail. “The government must intervene now and take control before it is too late.”

P&O Ferries argued that firing employees was not just to save money on wages.

The company said. “Our projected savings are not just about cutting wages, but about eliminating duplication of work, the benefits we will see from increasing flexibility.”

P and O Ferries Pride of Kent detained after port authorities | Great Britain |: news

Source P and O Ferries Pride of Kent detained after port authorities | Great Britain |: news

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