Ouagata Christie: Rebecca Vardy declared “war” after the public accusations of Colleen Rooney United Kingdom news

Rebecca Vardy declared “war” after Colleen Rooney publicly accused her of selling information to the press, the Supreme Court heard – months after telling her PR that she would “love” to leak stories about her.

Former English star Wayne Rooney’s wife has been dubbed “Wagata Christie” after undergoing a months-long “sting operation” to find out who told The Sun the information she posted on her personal Instagram account.

Earlier, she shared fake stories on her profile in an attempt to uncover the culprit pointing a finger at the account of the wife of his fellow footballer.

Rebecca Vardy is married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy

WardThe 39-year-old, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie, denies the charges and sues Rooney35, for defamation.

On the day of Rooney’s post on Twitter – which ended “This is ……………. Rebecca Vardy’s account” – Vardy sent a message to his PR and friend Caroline Watt in which says, “This is war.”

Rooney’s lawyers claim that Vardi leaked information to The Sun either directly or through Ms. Watt, who acted “with her deliberate approval.”

At the beginning of a two-day hearing on Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard that in WhatsApp messages between the couple, Ms. Watt admitted that information had been leaked to the media.

Rooney’s lawyer, David Sherborn, claims that Vardy was “hostile” to Rooney, which shows a clear motivation for Vardy to leak personal information about Rooney in the newspaper, with repeatedly obscene words on her part in a way that is clearly compatible and related to a desire to leak personal information about her “.

Other reports indicate that Vardy called Rooney a “nasty bitch”, “such an ad ***” and “c ***”.

Rooney’s lawyers requested additional information from the exchange of WhatsApp between the couple, but Ms. Watt’s phone “unfortunately” fell in the North Sea shortly after the last hearing.

Rooney’s team set up an exchange of messages between Vardy and Ms. Watt in January 2019, which revealed that the couple was discussing a post on Rooney’s private Instagram where her car had been damaged.

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Vardy said she “would be happy to see these stories expire.”

Mr Sherborn said Mrs Watt was later responsible for the story’s leak, with Vardi’s approval.

Days later, Rooney tweeted that she was “sad” that someone had “betrayed” her.

According to written statements, while discussing the tweet in private, Ms. Watt said: “She was not someone she trusted. That was me, “accompanied by laughing emojis.

Hugh Tomlinson QC told Vardy that the denied allegations had caused her “enormous damage and suffering”.

In written arguments, the lawyer said that the disclosed information and reports “do not provide evidence that the plaintiff has expired the three false publications.”

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Colleen Rooney's spokeswoman says secular woman wants to hear what 'Rebecca has to say in court'
Colleen Rooney was named “Ouagata Christie” for her detective work

In additional WhatsApp messages between her and Ms. Wat Vardy, she said she supported Rooney and suggested that Rooney’s personal PR had leaked stories.

The trial is set to begin in early May this year, and the hearing is due to end on Wednesday.

Ouagata Christie: Rebecca Vardy declared “war” after the public accusations of Colleen Rooney United Kingdom news

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