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OSCE Anti-Corruption Event, October 18, 2021: UK Remarks

Madam Moderator, Your Excellency,

The United Kingdom would like to thank the Swedish Chair for dedicating this year’s Economic and Environmental Aspects Conference on the theme of anti-corruption. This is a sign of both a common understanding of the scale of the problem and an indication of what can be achieved when the nations come together, and the OSCE member states last year. New commitment on this topic in Tirana’s Council of Ministers..

The fight against corruption is a fight against harmful and lasting crimes that hinder prosperity, deny justice, and threaten the security of the world.

The UK has sought to address corruption and illegal financing through a strong legislative framework. 2017-22 UK Anti-Corruption StrategyShows a vision of anti-corruption measures and makes a commitment with more than 100 well-resourced.

But there is much more we can do. Corrupt actors are always looking for innovative ways to abuse public wallets, and we need to stay alive to where our weaknesses are. That’s why the UK is tackling corruption through a government-wide strategy and a “government-wide” approach through a joint government-wide unit.

Of course, we recognize that government alone cannot win the fight against corruption. Therefore, we need a society-wide approach in which civil society, the media, NGOs, banks and the private sector all play a role, not just the government as a whole. We look forward to hearing from Transparency International and KPMG in Session 2 about the role they can play.

Anti-corruption efforts must be international. I would like to give four examples that help international cooperation through organizations like the OSCE to achieve results.

First, the UK’s International Anti-Corruption Unit uses UK links to investigate foreign corruption. Since 2006, over £ 1.1 billion of assets stolen from other countries have been frozen, confiscated or returned. And independent assessments have found that this is beginning to have long-term consequences, affecting the behavior of corrupt elites that perpetuate these crimes.

Second, Britain International Anti-Corruption Coordination Center It is the only organization in the world that can provide dedicated operational support for large-scale corruption investigations affecting developing countries. From collecting and developing intelligence from members and associate members to supporting the resulting research.

Third, we will support the International Asset Recovery Center, which contributed to the recovery of more than £ 100 million of stolen assets between 2017 and 2020.

And finally, the effect of international information sharing. In Session 3, I am happy to hear from the U4 Anti-Corruption Research Center, where my country is a beneficiary. Our Policy Officer can ask U4 Expert Support to understand the latest evidence for the particular problem or programming approach you are considering.

More generally, we are pleased to have a session dedicated to promoting the full, equal and meaningful participation of women, taking into account the imbalanced effects of corruption. We believe that acknowledging this connection will strengthen the fight against corruption. We are pleased to agree on the wording on this important topic in the Political Declaration agreed at the recent UN General Assembly Special Meeting. As Co-Chair of the Society of Environmental Friends, I would like to invite all delegations to attend side events at lunch on how female leaders across the OSCE region play an important role in combating corruption and conservation crime. increase.

Thanks to Madame Moderator, the Chair and Secretariat of the Swedish Economic and Environmental Activities Coordinator for preparing for this conference. We hope that you and all of us will have a fruitful and enlightening meeting.

Thank you very much.

OSCE Anti-Corruption Event, October 18, 2021: UK Remarks

SourceOSCE Anti-Corruption Event, October 18, 2021: UK Remarks

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