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Best known as NBC’s adorable dim Andy Dwyer Parks and recreation, It was the protagonist in Guardian of the galaxy It changed Chris Pratt Become a full-fledged superstar. Apart from the transformation from a goofy buddy to a charismatic lead man, Pratt experienced a physical transformation that made headlines to lead a cosmic incompatible Ragtag team like Peter Quill.

“For me, it immediately felt like a perfect fit. I felt like I nailed it in the first audition, but I’m still pretty big, so I wasn’t physically fit for it. I was worried that it might be, “Platt admitted. Huffington Post.. “That is, I knew he had my psyche. I knew my psyche was right. And I knew it sounded right. I still looked right. did not.”

Director James Gunn at the time said, “I didn’t want to see Chris at first. At that time, he was overweight, like a comedy, and he was the right person to play, but he came in and auditioned. Twenty seconds after the audition, I think “that’s a man”. “

Still, Pratt lost £ 60 in six months and cheerfully recorded his trip on Instagram (“I haven’t had beer for six months. The cover and headlines of an endless magazine promoting his impressive new body.” To land.

“He’s a cheerful, fluffy, goofy guy Parks Andrek, And he’s an incredibly kick-ass-slipped guy Zero Dark Thirty Fage said after the unexpected casting news was officially announced. Guardian.. That’s a big range right there. “

During the audition process, Pratt knew little about the Marvel team looking far ahead. “We’re always in the movies we make, but we’re looking to the future. Casting Chris Pratt, we needed the best Starlord, but at the same time “I need someone who might one day be on my toes with Robert Downey Jr.” Infinity War.. )

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Pratt and his easy-going charm and the stride that plays Peter, but Marvel thought. Eddie Redmayne, Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Lee pace Because of that role, Pace will assume the role of the villain Ronan the Accuser.However, the number one candidate after Pratt is Philadelphia is always sunny Star: Glen Howerton..

Origin Story: How Marvel Casts All Your Favorite Superheroes-E!online

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