Oorbit, a start – up that connects the metaverse, raises £ 3.8m

Metaverse interactive entertainment company Oorbit has raised $ 5m (£ 3.8m) in a seeded round of funding. Oorbit investors included Shark Tank investor Marquess of CubaPixelynx (deadmau5) and HOF Capital.

Oorbit will use the funding to create its software to connect different virtual worlds, which will be launched later this year.

Oorbit software will aim to act as a bridge for all metro. Oorbit users will have a unique digital identity with no additional downloads or hardware required, the company claims.

“Oorbit is misinterpreting the major technologies that will play a major role in the growth of Web3 and the metaverse; blockchain, cloud streaming, NFTs, fintech and more, ”said Ash Koosha, CEO and co – founder of Oorbit.

“We are combining the best of these complex technologies to enable episodic entertainment that is not only incredible but also accessible to all audiences.”

Koosha and Pooya founded Koosha based in London Oorbit. The company aims to provide a service to those who are far more than ever but yet to build, which companies like Facebook are promising as the future of the internet.

“As the metaverse moves from our imagination to entertainment, experiences and actual products, the founders of Oorbit have created an innovative platform where developers, publishers and brands can more easily create and deliver their strongest work,” he said. said investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

HOF Capital is a venture capital firm with over $ 1bn in assets under management. Previous investments include Klarna, DuckDuckGo, Epic Games, Kraken and Stripe.

“The key to an investor is to identify the team that can embrace and deliver on an ambitious vision. That’s Oorbit: a great vision with the core capability of execution, ”said Corby Pryor, HOF Capital.

In 2021 came investment in virtual reality companies in the UK Record £ 154mcompared to £ 90m in 2020. This week, RSTLSS metaverse fashion market raised £ 2.67m.

Oorbit, a start – up that connects the metaverse, raises £ 3.8m

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