Only Patrick Murray, the star of Mickey Pierce of Only Fools and Horses, was diagnosed with cancer

Only fools and horse actor Patrick Murray revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer.

A 65-year-old star who played the cheerful and adorable Mickey Pierce in a Peckham-based comedy series, his health in a long-hearted Twitter post designed to help others who may find similar symptoms. Opened.

His purpose was to support government advertisements that encouraged people to go to the doctor and check for unusual pain and other potential symptoms.

“Of course, I wanted to keep my health issues private, but if I didn’t fully support this ad, I would be selfish,” he began tweeting.

“Thanks to Ultrascan, I have a chance to fight. It showed that my organ needed further investigation and a tumor was found.

Patrick Murray reveals that he has been diagnosed with cancer

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“This resulted in a PET scan that covered a much larger area.”

“Surprisingly, these lesions were not cancerous, but the scan found an early cancerous tumor in the lungs,” Star continued.

“I’m tweeting now, but it wouldn’t be the case if I hadn’t had an ultrasound a few months ago.

“Many people have turned these symptoms into age and the discomfort of simply having a weak stomach. If it persists, don’t ignore it.

Only fools and horses Patrick Murray were good friends with John Challis
Patrick always wore his trademark trilby hat at comedy shows

“For me, and thanks to the NHS, I can now see the same beautiful horizon as you,” Patrick added.

Patrick’s announcement comes just four months after his beloved friend and co-star John Challis died of cancer.

Mickey’s actor and his co-stars David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and others all showed their support and attended funerals and worship services.

John, who personally acted in a punt and appeared in other comedies while fighting illness, was a great comedy.

Patrick shared his story to encourage others to check

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Patrick, who is married to 40-year-old Anon Murray, shares a 7-year-old daughter named Josie with his wife.

The actor faced other health problems four years ago when he revealed that he was being treated for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as a result of his recovery from alcoholism.

The Only Fools star is now a thriving DJ in Benidorm, and he is called his character’s name, Mickey Pierce.

Before that, he drove a taxi and ran his own pub.

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Only Patrick Murray, the star of Mickey Pierce of Only Fools and Horses, was diagnosed with cancer

Source link Only Patrick Murray, the star of Mickey Pierce of Only Fools and Horses, was diagnosed with cancer

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