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Online teaching apps: Redefining Education.

If we trace back the origin of education, it leads us to prehistoric times when it was used to facilitate learning and acquire knowledge, skills, values, morals, and beliefs. Before the onset of formal education,  this was achieved through imitation and verbal. Story-telling passed knowledge, values, and skills from one generation to the next. This indicates that even before the inception of formal education or modern schools of knowledge, people of that age were no stranger to the importance of education and though there was a lack of a formal method of imparting education, they did not let this become an obstacle in the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and virtues which were quite essential for the collective growth and upliftment of the society.

With massive development in the field of education, it had a huge impact on society. The verbally oriented method of imparting education though was contributing to providing knowledge but it was left obsolete with changing times. It was rendered ineffective considering the need of the hour at that time.  With the induction of formal education, society witnessed a noteworthy transformation in the education model. Now the education system became more organized with a structured curriculum along with exemplary research methodology in this field and other related activities. Formal education marked the beginning of a remarkable journey that was going to prove its mettle in the coming years and ages.

Education has a prominent role in the transformation of an individual’s conscience and perspective towards society and the world. It has played a significant role in the collective development of the human species. Education illuminates a person’s sense of knowledge and judgment. It develops a  person’s mind, his/her thoughts. Education plays a key role in developing virtues, morals, and ethical behavior in society. It has over the years propelled human civilization to reach and attain unimaginable success and development. It has been a boon and a tool that is majorly responsible for the interpretation of the world’s immense knowledge, which would have been not discovered yet.

From prehistoric ages where knowledge was imparted mostly by verbal communication to formal education, the methods of education have evolved over time. In modern times an education system comprises well-built infrastructure, certified teachers, experimental methods and laboratories,  organized and structured curriculum, extensive text and material, methods of evaluation, and so on. The latest entrant in these methods is online teaching apps, which have left a remarkable impression in a  short period. Online teaching apps defy the traditional stereotypes associated with education such as

education can’t be provided until and unless a proper classroom and school with the mandatory physical presence of students and teachers are observed to propagate it.

Online teaching apps basically facilitate remote learning and providing knowledge without the need for physical presence with the help of smartphone devices along with the internet. Online teaching apps have emerged as the game-changer in providing education due to the benefits it holds over the traditional or conventional method of teaching. Its dynamic and flexible characteristics prove to be its  USP. Online teaching apps eliminate the limitations which you face in a traditional method and it helps you to utilize your true potential. It lets you have access to vast study material, preferred time slots, is not affected by external factors such as remote location, harsh terrain, unfavorable weather, and so on.  You can access anything of your interest with just a click of the button from the comfort of your home or any location of your choice. Also, it let you interact with eminent personalities and your peers from across the globe defying any geographical barriers. It all together opens a new world of opportunities.

A significant rise in the trend of using online teaching apps has been seen in recent years. When the pandemic hit the world last year the usage of online teaching apps saw tremendous growth. It helped millions of students with their academic and career paths even in difficult times. The popularity of online teaching apps is increasing each day. India stands at 2nd rank in the number of smartphone and internet users. It is predicted that by 2021, there will be nearly 735 million internet users in India, which will lead to an increase in traffic for online education providers. This is a clear indication there is a vast number of opportunities for online education apps to grow in India in near future.

The online education market in India is expected to grow by USD 2.28 billion during 2021-2025,  expanding at a CAGR of almost 20%. Nearly 46 percent of India’s population falls within the ages of 15-40.  This younger demographic is a perfect audience for online education as online formats are generally more acceptable to this age range than older age groups and the lower cost is appealing to a price-sensitive market. With proper investment in these apps, with a strong infrastructure along with training and user-friendly interface along with proper monitoring of their development, surely Online teaching apps are going to be the next big thing in the education system.

We hope we were able to present a clear picture of how online teaching apps are on their way to change the education system by empowering students and teachers and eliminating limitations and drawbacks.

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