Omicron XE: More than 1,100 Covid New Case Found in UK

More than 1100 cases of new COVID-19 Options, Omicron XERevealed in the UK.

The option appears to be highly contagious and is likely to become dominant, the expert warned.

Public health officials said XE is a “recombinant” variant that combines the genetic characteristics of Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 variants.

1179 cases of XE have been confirmed in the UK so far. The World Health Organization (WHO) said the variant was first discovered in the UK in late January.

Dr Alan Stout, chairman of the British Medical Association GP Committee in Northern Ireland, said: “Early signs indicate that it will be highly contagious, so it is likely that it will again become the dominant strain.

“Again, the early signs elsewhere are that it does not cause more serious illness and that the vaccine protects people. So while it will most likely become dominant, it will hopefully not cause any significant problems. ”

In a report published last week, the World Health Organization said early tests showed that XE may be more contagious than previous Omicron subtypes.

The new variant is not thought to cause different symptoms compared to the symptoms already known to be caused by Omicron – the most common of which are runny nose, wheezing and sore throat.

A report by the World Health Organization states: “Early day estimates indicate a 10 per cent advantage over the population growth rate compared to BA.2, although this finding needs further confirmation.

The UK Health and Safety Agency said on Monday that the latest data showed that the XE had a growth rate of 9.8 per cent above BA.2. However, he warned that “because this assessment has not remained consistent, as new data has been added, it can not yet be interpreted as an assessment of the benefits of growth for the recombinant.”

Daily new cases of Covid in the UK have declined sharply since rising sharply in March, but 3.7 million people were still infected last week in a review by the latest National Statistics Office.

Omicron XE: More than 1,100 Covid New Case Found in UK

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