Omicron variants have wasted British progress in a pandemic, top scientists warn

Discovery Omicron Covid’s variant shows that the world is far from the end of the pandemic and is actually “near the beginning”, warned by one of Britain’s most senior scientists.

Sir Jeremy Farrer (Sir Jeremy Farrer), who resigned from the government’s scientific advisory group last year.Sage), Was critical of the “lack of leadership” in tackling COVID He said that progress in the fight against disease has been “wasted” since the emergence of new varieties.

Write in Observer, Director Wellcome Trust He lamented the inequity of vaccines between rich and poor countries and warned of the dangers of creating new variants.

“The more the virus continues to spread to the few unvaccinated populations around the world, the more likely it is that mutants will emerge that can overcome our vaccines and treatments,” he writes. “If that happens, we could approach a square.

“This political drift and lack of leadership has prolonged a pandemic for everyone, and the government does not want to actually deal with unfair access to vaccines, tests and treatments. Great speech, There were warm words, but no action was needed to ensure fair access to what we knew and end the pandemic. ”

Sir Farrer’s warning comes when the government introduces new measures to curb the spread of Omicron-it is now being communicated in the community, British officials said. From 4am on Tuesday, travelers are required to complete the immunoflow or PCR test 48 hours before entry. Nigeria has been added to the Red List and will require quarantine at the hotel from 4am on Monday.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper welcomed the “U-turn” after the minister had previously resisted a call to reintroduce pre-departure tests, but said they should have moved faster.

“We need to learn lessons about the importance of acting swiftly on Covid border measures, rather than being under great pressure each time to act in the end,” she said.

Health Minister Sajid Javid said the move was “in the light of the latest data,” but claimed that booster jabs were the first line of defense to urge the public to attack. However, some groups have criticized the NHS booster campaign program. This is because the most vulnerable people are still struggling to get the third jab.

Fiona Loud, Policy Director at Kidney Care UK, said:

“A new concern is that it is more important than ever for people with weakened immunity due to illness or treatment to have maximum protection opportunities.

Kidney Care UK said the issue of access to the third dose was “mostly focused” on the confusion about how vaccines were deployed in each region.

Rachel Kahn, Research and Communications Manager at Blood Cancer UK, said:

“Since Sajid Javid has announced that he is eligible for boosters, NHS England will quickly fix these issues to give the community easy access to booster jabs and protect them from covids, including new variants. We hope to maximize your potential. Omicron.. “

Omicron variants have wasted British progress in a pandemic, top scientists warn

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