Omicron: People reassured that they didn’t have to change their Christmas plans

The public was told to expect a “great Christmas” without anything new COVID Despite the arrival of Omicron It is a variant and fears that the vaccine will be less effective against it.

the next day Resurrection of forced mask wearing Announced, along with more costly tests for travelers, Sajid Javid I tried to reassure people that the movement could be lifted quickly and that there were no tougher curbs along the way.

Health Minister insisted that there was no need to take it home Avoid crowds Or, the rules for working from home say, “We’re not there yet. We’re not near it.”

Javid expressed his hope that the reintroduction of face coverings in stores and public transport in the UK and the PCR test on arrival will be canceled “within a few weeks”. They will come into effect early on Tuesday.

And he told the interviewer: There is no “guarantee”, but I think it will be a wonderful Christmas.

Further boosting, doctors who discovered the Omicron variant believe that Britain is “unnecessarily panicked,” and as far as she knows, the new variant is making people seriously ill. He said it didn’t look like.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, Chair of the South African Medical Association, said:

Health Minister’s comments relate to the UK traveling to southern Africa in just 24 hours, recording an additional 51 deaths and 37,681 new Covid cases, despite the detection of a third Omicron infection. It was sent to me when a person visited before leaving London. Country again.

Doctor Jenny HarriesA head of the UK Health and Security Agency said it was “very likely” that more cases of this variant would be found in the UK in the coming days.

The booster program will be sped up to deliver a third jab to people over the age of 18 “faster” than planned to raise “community-wide antibody levels.”

Professor Anthony Harnden, vice chairman of the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI), called it a “wise strategy” after being asked to explore movement.

JCVI also examined whether children aged 12 to 15 years should be provided with a second dose and whether the 6-month gap between the second jab and booster jab should be reduced. increase.

Future development:

* Javid admitted it Air passengers from South Africa have not been tested on arrival On Friday, they were afraid that they might be carrying a variant of Omicron.

* New guidance for schools states that junior high school students are required to wear masks in common areas and school buses.

* Gordon brown warning Next Christmas is at risk of Covid’s restrictions Unless the UK and other rich countries stop storing the vaccines that are heavily needed in Africa

* Javid was forced to advocate not adopting the rules of working from home – Sage Advisory group concluding that it is the most effective Covid suppression measure

* Health Minister said the advice will be updated if it is confirmed that Omicron’s symptoms are different, causing extreme fatigue but no loss of taste or odor.

* The new coronavirus regulation will be enacted by Congress on Monday, but voting will not take place until up to 28 days after the measures are implemented.

Early evidence suggests that Omicron may be more contagious than the current predominant strain, the Delta mutant, and may partially circumvent the protection provided by current vaccines. increase.

Contact with the Omicron case is told to quarantine for 10 days until scientists establish a greater risk of the mutation.

Javid has so far eliminated further restraints and told Sky News: health.

“If we were to make such a decision, they would have to be made very carefully. We are not there yet. We are not near it.”

“I don’t recommend working from home,” he added, adding that “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Rejecting fear of poor compliance with mask-wearing rules, five months after the requirement was lifted, he argued that fear of Omicron persuaded people to “take it very seriously.”

However Lisa NandyKage’s Foreign Minister said: “To see the problem, all you have to do is walk around Congress. Most Tories don’t wear masks.”

Omicron: People reassured that they didn’t have to change their Christmas plans

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