Olympic Skateboarding Schedule: When will Sky Brown play?

skateboard So far, it’s been a surprise hit Tokyo Olympics Both men’s and women’s street events produced Japanese winners and were lucky enough for local media and officials to enter the skatepark and witness them.

Skating made its Olympic debut and was a controversial choice. When asked what the Independents think about the field of participation in the Olympics, Cebu Coe simply said, “It’s there,” with a rounded eye.

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Similarly, there is skepticism within the skateboarding community that sports may be selling souls against the roots of counterculture.

But so far, it can fill the gap and is popular with a larger audience while maintaining some reliability, and athletes wear jeans and listen to AirPods while playing.

British 13-year-old sensation Sky brown We will be performing at the “Park” event on Wednesday, August 4th. The event will start at 9am JST / 1am BST, qualifying will be held at Ariake Sports Park, and the final will start at 12:30 pm JST / 4.30am BST on the same day.

Who is Sky Brown?

She is a fast-growing Generation Z sports revolutionary and a new superstar in the digital age who will be the youngest summer Olympics in history in the UK and will confirm the arrival of precocious skateboarding talent in Tokyo 2020.

Sky Brown will be competing in a women’s park skateboarding event at the Olympic Games, just 13 years old. It’s about a month younger than Margery Hinton, the youngest summer Olympics in Britain, who swam 200m breaststroke at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.

An avid YouTube viewer following her atypical and amazing teenage life on a channel shared with most of Instagram’s million followers and her brother (and fellow skateboarder) Ocean. So Brown is spending time between his hometowns in California and Miyazaki. Located in Kyushu, the southernmost major island in Japan, he is also a skilled surfer.

Born to an English father and a Japanese mother, Brown turned professional at the age of 10 and is Nike’s youngest sponsor athlete. Brown says he wants to inspire young women’s skateboarders and encourage more young women to participate in the sport when they stop at a course in Tokyo.

“When I go to a skatepark, most of them are boys,” Brown explained after the election to Tokyo was confirmed. “Now there are more and more girls and it’s cool, but most of the time it’s a boy. And sometimes I’m afraid that a girl is the only girl and I’m afraid to be judged by a boy.

“But I would like to see the Olympics and see how many girls are playing sports and how well they are doing. [they are], They are really always [try it],I’m really happy. “

Olympic Skateboarding Schedule: When will Sky Brown play?

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