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In 2013, the bodies of men and women were found buried in the yard of a house on the outskirts of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

The bodies were found to be the bodies of Patricia Witchary, 63, and her 85-year-old husband, William.

In fact, they were shot and killed by their daughter and son-in-law Susan and Christopher Edwards. Their death has been concealed for years in a stranger story than fiction, and is now dramatized in a new four-part Sky Original limited edition.Series Landscaping, starring Oscar Winner Olivia Colman And David Thewlis.

Colman plays Susan Edwards. Susan Edwards is currently in jail for the murder of her parents. Photo: Stefania Rosini / Sky UK / HBO / Sister

Edwards stole nearly £ 300,000 because he pretended that everything was going well, but not because he used it to fund a luxury lifestyle, but because he used it in a fantasy world.

Colman told Sky News that he began to feel some sympathy for the couple while preparing for the landscaper, written by her husband Ed Sinclair.

“I sympathized with them early on because Ed had found them,” she says. “He told her lawyer that she was very shy, kind and well read. [a] Lovely lady. And you go, “OK, well, isn’t that what everyone told us ?!”

When the proceedings were filed in 2014, it was revealed that the couple was spending most of the stolen money on Hollywood souvenirs, with a strange twist.

In landscapers, unlike most typical television crime dramas, the show revives Susan’s delusional obsession when Susan’s imaginary fantasies are performed on the screen.

“Through the program, I learned that she was facing abuse by her father when she was young. I think it’s her escapism to imagine a man. [can be] Being heroic, she finally meets a knight in shining armor, “says Colman.

The story of a seemingly ordinary couple, starring Olivia Colman and David Thewlis, who became the focus of police investigations when two bodies were found in the backyard of Nottingham's house. Photo: Stefania Rosini / Sky UK / HBO / Sister
The couple used the stolen money to buy Hollywood souvenirs. Photo: Stefania Rosini / Sky UK / HBO / Sister

Let’s finish it. , Fargo, and Harry potter Plays the husband on the screen of the movie Colman.

“I read the script and thought it was perfect. It’s the best I’ve read over the years,” he told Sky News.

“I was surprised when I googled the actual story to find out how much was completely true and in fact the bit of truth was the weirdest bit.”

Perhaps one of the strangest facts presented is how Susan persuaded her husband that French actor Gerard Depardieu was his pen pal.

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“If it was a sh * t script, I would have been really nervous,” Colman jokes about working on her husband’s show. “I might have said it wasn’t available. I’m picking up a bobble from tights or something, but when I first read it I was really excited. It’s just the originality and originality of it. “

Prior to the interview, Colman and Thewlis just learned that Christopher Edwards had seen the show trailer in jail.

“I’m a little nervous because of that,” says Thewlis. “Sometimes we forget that they are real people.”

“He said his hair was very good!” Colman Chips.

“That would be very strange,” Thewlis muses. “Susan’s fantasy was a movie. Here she’s portrayed in a television series. She’s on the big screen. That’s a kind of weird twist, right? What does she imagine now?”

Landscapers premiere at Sky Atlantic and NOW on Tuesday, December 7th

Olivia Colman: Landscaping starring in the strange real-life murderer behind her new drama | Ent & Arts News

Source link Olivia Colman: Landscaping starring in the strange real-life murderer behind her new drama | Ent & Arts News

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