Olivia Bowen says she can “control” and is open to having a child with Alex

Olivia Bowen Revealed what she thinks she and her husband will be “dominant” parents Alex I have children.

Recently 27 years old Enjoyed a winter vacation sunbathing in Dubai before Christmas, Talked about the possibility of starting a family during an exclusive chat with all right!online About PlayOJO’s “Safe Bet” campaign.

Former love islander Olivia explained that there was no definitive moment when the couple knew they were ready to become parents, but they would be “thankful” when they had children.

“We always had it on the radar, and there really wasn’t a moment like” Yes, we’re going to have kids now. ” That’s one of the things that happens when it happens, “she said.

Olivia Bowen opened her heart to having a child with her husband Alex

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Reality Star continues as follows: “We are really laid back and really enjoy doing what we love to go out to Dubai and so on as a couple. It’s very difficult with kids, so I imagine.

“So we just enjoy each other’s company, but never say, we will be very grateful when that happens.”

When asked what kind of parent he would be when the time came, he confessed that he had never had a “maternal instinct.”

Olivia and Alex Bowen are one of the four second-placed couples who stayed together.
Olivia said she never really had a “maternal instinct”

“I don’t know,” she explained. all right!, “I didn’t really think about it because my mother didn’t have much instinct. I was always pretty anti-kid, but when I met Alex, I clearly opposed marriage, Then I got married. “

Extending her answer, she added: Nervous wreck. “

Olivia’s idea of ​​starting a family comes months after she and Alex admit that they are no longer “worried about contraception.”

Olivia and Alex Bowen buy a new home as a renovation project
Olivia said she and Alex were “no longer worried about contraception”

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Recently Olivia Showcased her incredible Christmas decorations at her £ 1m home, Tells The Sun: I hope in the near future, but I don’t think I was ready before.

“It was a bit of a revelation. I got our picture when I decided not to worry about contraception anymore.”

Olivia has partnered with PlayOJO to launch a sex education-style campaign to promote the latest, safer gambling campaign, SafeBets.

Olivia Bowen looks beautiful on a blue top, but her husband Alex Bowen disagrees
Olivia and Alex are talking more about kids

This campaign is designed to help people understand that gambling should be fun, but safe and fun. The video shows how to make gambling safer by drawing similarities to other areas of life that we enjoy. The idea of ​​protection is already working. Established – Safe Sex!

View the entire video and click for more information on the campaign here.

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Olivia Bowen says she can "control" and is open to having a child with Alex

Source link Olivia Bowen says she can "control" and is open to having a child with Alex

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