Olivia Atwood says she’s not in a hurry for “boring” kids because she cancels the wedding

Olivia atwood She realized that the children were “boring”, so she revealed that she wasn’t in a hurry to start a family with her fiancé Bradley Dack.

NS Love island The star admitted that motherhood is not currently on her radar, and being around the baby and friends only postpones her while she wants a child in the future.

Olivia, People who are just 30 years oldAlso revealed that she has Postponement of the second wedding Due to Bradley’s injury and their commitment to work.

Olivia also shared the amazing news that they canceled their wedding.

Olivia Atwood revealed she wasn’t in a hurry to give birth and she canceled the wedding

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she said MailOnline:’I will not get married next year. I canceled the wedding.

“I made the final decision, but Brad feels more upset than I am.”

As a woman, Olivia felt that much of her wedding planning and preparation was on her shoulders and said she was too busy to deal with it.

She has just launched a new luxury clothing brand, Foolish.

The couple got engaged in 2019 and postponed their second wedding

Olivia was engaged to 27-year-old Blackburn Rovers Star Bradley in 2019 and was scheduled to marry at Grantley Hall next year.

The couple had already documented some of the beautiful wedding plans of the reality series Olivia Meets Her Match at ITVBe.

Former islanders also want to prevent people from quizzing when their children will be born by delaying their wedding.

With the launch of her new brand at the W Hotels in London, Olivia also talked about their plans to start a family.

She said frankly. “I’m not in a hurry to have a child.

Olivia says the children are “boring” and “not in a hurry” to start a family or get married.

“They aren’t interested in me and don’t entertain me. I think they’re really boring, so if I had another year to say,” I’m sorry, I’m not married and I have no kids. ” After getting married, I’m still like “Hmm …”.

“We are not in a hurry as a couple, he does not go anywhere, and I do not go anywhere.”

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Olivia Atwood says she's not in a hurry for "boring" kids because she cancels the wedding

Source link Olivia Atwood says she's not in a hurry for "boring" kids because she cancels the wedding

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