Olivia and Alex Bowen join Paige Turley and Finn Tapp at Pet Awards

Olivia and Alex Bowen Join many celebrities including Paige Turley and Finn Tapp Of the mirror Pet Award 2021.

Last night, on December 9th, at the Grobner House, the two dressed in nine walked on the red carpet.

Olivia She looked great in a low-cut blue V-neck dress combined with bare pumps and a matching bag.

She finished her look with full gram make-up and her iconic blonde bob.

Her husband, Alex, was looking for a smart all-black outfit, so he had a cool look.

Former Love Island star wore a black suit with a turtleneck underneath and finished with shiny black shoes.

Olivia and Alex were just two of the celebrity hosts on the red carpet

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The couple seemed to be loved, just as they were walking on the red carpet with their arms crossed.

The event was full of Love Island graduates Page Thali And Finn Tap attended the celebration.

Finn arrived at the award ceremony in a clean-cut suit. He wore a crisp white shirt and a brightly patterned suit jacket over a light black tie, and black trousers and matching shoes finished his ensemble.

His girlfriend and ITV companion Page also matched him in a smart suit and chose a pure white suit paired with high heels with black straps.

Page and Finn both wore suits for the event
Page and Finn both wore suits for the event

She wore suit trousers with a waistcoat and jacket.

It seems that most of the guests were made up of love islanders Faye Winter Teddy Soares also participated.

The two accompanied the event with a cute black Labrador guide dog.

The couple wore matching blue clothes When they shoot a beam while walking the dog on the red carpet.

Faye combined funky two-tone cropped pants with clear high heels and looked as gorgeous as when she plunged the white crop top on the neckline.

She went to see her usual glamor blonde curled hair with full make-up.

Teddy wanted a blue look similar to wearing a suit jacket that matched her girlfriend’s trousers.

Love Island Faye and Teddy matched blue on the red carpet at the People's Pet Awards
Faye and Teddy wore matching outfits

He chose simple black cropped pants with a black trainer.

The star put on his iconic gold chain to give it a look.

The Pet Awards honor exciting pets that have helped millions of people through the fight of the Covid Pandemic.

Winners included a husky that sniffed abandoned newborn babies and kept them safe until their owners arrived.

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Olivia and Alex Bowen join Paige Turley and Finn Tapp at Pet Awards

Source link Olivia and Alex Bowen join Paige Turley and Finn Tapp at Pet Awards

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