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Old-Style Blades That Still Make Great Hunting Knives

Hunting blades have survived the test of time for centuries and continue to do so. They have been man’s able and  efficient tool for centuries and continue to hold the position of the primary source of safety for many in different parts and terrains around the world. This protection tool is most commonly known as a hunting knife and many still make use of blades of old styles, or perhaps, the old blades that have been handed down to them as family heirlooms. If you’re an enthusiast for using old-style blades or ancient knives, make sure to keep reading to know more about them.

  1. Shrade-Walden 148 Hunting Knife

Nothing beats a blade that has remained sharp despite the test of time.

The Shrade-Walden 148 Hunting Knife is the perfect blade for a number of uses. Great for safety while you’re outdoors, it can also be used for rough skinning, deboning and cleaning the game hunted. It can also be used as a handy tool around the camping site that you set up.

The knife usually comes with its original sheath, however, you can get a new one to keep the blade safe while you travel with it. The knife is a fixed blade of about 9 inches long with material that withstands wear and tear pretty well. It is pretty easy to take care of; it just needs timely cleaning, sharpening, and oiling.

  1. Khukuri

Wish to feel like a warrior on a hunt? This blade might be your perfect choice.

This blade originally came into use in the early 1800s. The Gurkha soldiers from Nepal, recruited into the British Army, used this knife, or rather a bigger version of this knife on the battlefield. The original version of this hunting knife was akin to machetes, however, over time, it was reduced in size for easy adaptability.

This sleek, curved blade with a ridged and sleeved handle doesn’t add much to the overall weight of the blade, making it an effective hunting knife. Regular polishing and sharpening can keep this knife in its ideal condition.

This blade also appeared in Bram Stoker’s popular horror novel, Dracula!

  1. Indian Ridge Traders Bowie Knife

Often produced in England, this blade is ideal for beginners as well as people with years of hunting experience.

This knife is known to be the foundation for most of the modern fighting knives that we currently use. This original bowie knife had a very simple overall construction; it consisted of just a long straight blade joint to a simple handle. The knife isn’t the most pleasing to the eyes, and neither is it an eyesore, however, it is extremely durable, rust-resistant and long-lasting. It truly is an all-purpose, easy to use, utility blade. The streamlined and sturdy construction can help improve your confidence when you go on your next camping trip.

  1. K-ritter Hubertus Solingen

This German-origin blade can do neat tricks.

Hubertus is a German-origin manufacturer of knives and daggers. Established in 1950 in Solingen, this manufacturer has been making history ever since with continuous efforts dedicated to producing high-quality tactical, hunting, and traditional knives.

This particular blade has applaud-worthy craftsmanship; great to look at, let alone using the same. The ridged handle and supposed lower-end make it easy to grip and manoeuvre. The blade is sleek and double-edged, which is ideal for a hunting knife.

The famous saying states that ‘old is gold’. It definitely holds true for some ancient blades, which still prove their worth by being the best hunting knives out there in the market for knife enthusiasts from around the world.

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