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October 1, 2021: Berkshire-based companies receive investment funds to drive their development. Occupy Indigo, A highly innovative non-contact optical glucose meter. The device is expected to enable 4.7 million diabetics in the UK to monitor their blood glucose levels with a simple eye scan.

Occupancy, A medical technology start-up company that is developing indigoRaised the largest MedTech loan agreement (£ 2.85 million) on Seedrs, a leading crowdfunding platform. The initial £ 1.8m target was achieved within 24 hours of launch. A team of experts in optics, mechanical engineering and industrial design also collaborates with the medical and academic circles, including partnerships with Royal Berkshire Hospital and the University of Bristol.

The deal is a breakthrough for diabetics, but it is an investment because the company’s patented optical technology can be widely used in a variety of conditions, including glaucoma, myopia, diabetes management, and pre-diabetics screening. Attracted the attention of the house. Hope is early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

Occuity CEO and co-founder Dr. Dan Daly commented: “We are pleased that more than 850 investors from 37 countries have joined us to share our vision and become the largest MedTech raise ever at Seedrs. Diabetes is growing. It’s a global problem, and our technology enables medical services around the world to monitor and screen for diabetes, improving the clinical outcomes of pre-diabetes or hundreds of millions of people unaware of diabetes. I believe it will be done NS Occupy Indigo That way, regular glucose tests are easier, faster, painless, and improve the daily lives of millions of people around the world. “

Daniele De Iuliis Design DirectorAfter spending 27 years as a member of Apple’s industrial design group, he is now Occuity Indigo, comment:

“For too long, the method of detecting and monitoring chronic diseases such as diabetes has been directed to all repetitive fingerstick blood tests that cause pain, discomfort, and inconvenience, in contrast. Occupy Indigo Simply scan your eyes to measure glucose and you have 21 individual handheld products that are painless.NS A long-deferred century solution. “

How does technology work?

Diabetes screening.

  • Optical confocal scanning technology allows very accurate measurement of intraocular structures down to the micron level.
  • Scanning technology detects the concentration of advanced glycation end products (AGE) that accumulates in the eye over time.
  • The “blue” light illuminates the eyes and the scattered blue light coming back with the green fluorescent light from the AGE is detected.
  • In combination with machine learning techniques, readings from this device provide an indicator of whether a subject is non-diabetic, pre-diabetic, or diabetic.
  • In just a few seconds, the test is completely non-contact and can be performed in a non-clinical environment of a pharmacy, a optician’s clinic, or a living environment such as a long-term care facility.

Blood glucose monitoring (Occuity Indigo)

  • NS Occupy Indigo Based on the company’s core optical confocal scanning technology
  • Personal devices scan the aqueous humor in the anterior chamber
  • It is non-contact, quick and completely painless
  • Aqueous humor is effectively an ultrafiltration of blood, that is, blood that has been filtered through red blood cells and white blood cells.This means that the glucose levels found in it correlate very well with that of the bloodstream.
  • As the concentration of glucose in the eye changes, so does the way light passes through the eye, the index of refraction.
  • Occuity Indigo can make very accurate measurements to detect this change and measure glucose levels in the blood.

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  • Dr. Dan Dally – CEO
  • Daniele De Iuliis – Creative Director – Credit Please – Michal Venera
  • Occuity Indigo, Concept Design for Optical Blood Glucose Monitor

About occupancy: www.occuity.com

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Dan Daly and Dr. Robin Taylor, Occuity’s vision is to use the eyes as a window to physical health.

Occuity is a UK-based medical technology company specializing in the research, design and manufacture of handheld non-contact optics for use in healthcare, diagnostics and surveillance. Occuity’s scanning technology uses light to obtain accurate measurements of various structures in the eye. This not only allows you to measure the eyes of optometrists and ophthalmologists directly, but also monitors other, more common health conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Occuity’s intellectual property includes nine granted international patents, five more patent applications, and measurement technology that forms the basis of the device, along with additional patents related to intraocular alignment and measurement. And covers optical technology.

Occuity’s mission is to create a variety of non-contact handheld devices that can be used in non-clinical environments by healthcare professionals and personal surveillance devices for diseases such as diabetes.

  • The number of people with diabetes has increased from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014, and the prevalence of diabetes is rising rapidly in low- and middle-income countries. In 2016, an estimated 1.6 million people died directly from diabetes. (Source: World Health Organization, 2020)
  • 900,000 diabetics have not been diagnosed, and an additional third of adults (about 17 million) have prediabetes, and it is very likely that they will develop complete diabetes within 10 years.

For more information on Occuity Indigo, please visit: www.occuity.com/indigo

Occuity secures £ 2.85 million in Series A investment through Seedrs – UK Tech Investment News

Source link Occuity secures £ 2.85 million in Series A investment through Seedrs – UK Tech Investment News

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