Nuno Espírito Santo urges Tottenham to forget past Champions League exploits

Tottenham Boss Nuno Espirito Santo I told his player to forget their past Champions League This week, I’ll abuse it when I get into something unknown.

Spurs begins the first Europa Conference League group stage with a trip to the next location Rennes It’s been more than two years since I played in the biggest club soccer game on Thursday.

The defeat of the Champions League Liverpool In 2019, we marked the beginning of the slide, participated in the third tier competition in Europe, and introduced some of the actual minnows of the game.

Rennes isn’t one of them, and the French club is in the Champions League, making the match one of the toughest on the group stage.

And the Portuguese say it’s not time to remember their previous achievements.

“I looked at Rennes and analyzed it as a team from the previous match and the previous match,” Nuno said.

“I know I’m very active in tough matches, tough teams, and the press, and I know I’ll find a team to play at home. That will be even harder.

“We also have a lot of experience in Europe. The past doesn’t mean much now. It’s the present and we need to deal with the situation now. Rennes is for us. It’s a difficult and difficult task, and we need to raise the bar.

You have to challenge yourself every day-this is a message to life.

Nuno Espirito Santo

“It’s a realization that this is true. The past doesn’t mean anything to us. What you did in football doesn’t mean anything. You have to challenge yourself every day – this is life This is a message to. “

Nuno confirmation Son Heung Min Eric Dier has never traveled to France.

The son was injured in the calf and injured on an international mission. Deer lost her leg in a 3-0 defeat in the Premier League on Saturday at Crystal Palace.

Neither moved with Ryan Sessegnon prior to the opening round of Group G, but Stephen Belfwin moved following a recent ankle injury.

Nuno wasn’t sure if his son and Deer would be suitable for Sunday’s match against Chelsea.

“I can’t say. They’re improving day by day, but alongside South American players, we still have to evaluate,” he said.

“Bergwijn is better. He traveled with us and trained yesterday and today. He is much better.”

The promising start of the Premier League season ended abruptly on Saturday with a disastrous defeat at Selhurst Park.

“Everyone realized that they didn’t play the way we wanted, and it was ourselves who first noticed this,” he said.

Steven Bergwijn recovers from ankle injury (Mike Egerton / PA)

(PA wire)

“I think the best way to improve is to be able to personally analyze when you arrive and identify what you need to do well. This is the first step towards improvement.

“We spend as much time as possible on training, training and training sites. We prepare players, try to find solutions, then give them support and confidence to compete and try to improve their performance.

“I don’t know any other recipes for success. It’s a tough job. Hard work and boys are doing it. They have ups and downs in football and what matters is how they react to it. I’m aware that there is. “

Nuno Espírito Santo urges Tottenham to forget past Champions League exploits

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