Novak Djokovic’s appeal set in Australian federal court on Sunday morning

The appeal against Novak Djokovic’s visa re-cancellation was confirmed in Australian federal court on Sunday morning.

After the two legal teams rushed to appear on Friday night, immigration minister Alex Hawke decided to cancel Jokovic’s visa again because of “health and order”, and then on a simple procedure on Saturday morning. Hawke was held. ..

In it, Judge David O’Callaghan confirmed that the case had been transferred from the Federal Circuit and that the hearing would take place on Sunday at 9:30 am (Saturday, UK time at 10:30 pm). ..

Djokovic will face Serbian Miomir Kecmanovic at the Australian Open on Monday.

A schedule was agreed on Friday, and Djokovic was to be detained for a meeting with immigration authorities at 8am on Saturday morning before meeting with his lawyer. After that, he was expected to be detained overnight, probably back at the Park Hotel.

The world’s number one legal team has revealed that the reason for the appeal is focused on the irrationality of the decision, and the success threshold is much higher than the first hearing.

Hawk found his findings not based on the effectiveness of Djokovic’s medical exemption or any other reason, but on the potential for his continued presence in the country to stir up feelings of opposition to vaccination and a threat to public order. It was revealed on Friday that it was based on.

I believe his continued presence in Australia could pose a risk to the order of the Australian community.

Alex Hawke, Minister of Immigration, Australia

Hawk said Djokovic’s status was “publicly shown to be an unvaccinated celebrity and opposed to vaccination against Covid-19,” and “publicly expressed his opposition to vaccination.” I did. “

Hawk stated his belief that if the visa is not canceled, Australians will not be vaccinated and pressure on medical services may increase.

“I believe his continued presence in Australia can pose a risk to the order of the Australian community,” he said.

Hawk gave great weight to Djokovic’s admission to attending an interview with Lequip last month, but he argued that he tested positive for Covid-19 and that Australians might follow suit.

Photographers try to take pictures outside the building where Novak Djokovic’s lawyer’s office is located (Mark Baker / AP)


“I also took into account the fact that Djokovic had clearly ignored the need for quarantine in the past after receiving a positive Covid-19 test result,” he said.

As Djokovic was released from detention on Monday, police peppers sprayed his supporters, Hawk quoted potential civilian anxiety, but his lawyer did the same from his deportation on Sunday. Claim that it can happen.

Meanwhile, Hawk dismissed Djokovic’s claim that visa cancellation was seen as a political motivation or jeopardized the survival of the country hosting the Australian Open.

Djokovic was waiting on Monday for the judge to overturn the original decision and see if Hawk would use his power to impose a penalty.

And just before 6 pm (7 am UK time) on Friday, Hawk issued a statement. Novak Djokovic For health and order, based on the fact that it was in the public interest.

The Morrison Government is committed to protecting the Australian border, especially in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alex Hawke, Minister of Immigration, Australia

“This decision has revoked the prior revocation decision for procedural fairness, in accordance with the orders of the Federal Circuit and Family Court on 10 January 2022.

“In making this decision, I carefully considered the information provided by the Australian Ministry of Interior. Border troops Said Djokovic.

“The Government of Morrison is committed to protecting the Australian border, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

This decision means that Djokovic is also facing a three-year ban from the country. This may mean that you will never play at the Australian Open, but it may be exempt.

The situation has dominated global news since Djokovic was detained at Melbourne Airport last Thursday morning after border forces officials concluded that there were no suitable documents to enter the country.

Novak Djokovic is training in Melbourne (Mark Baker / AP)


The winner of the Australian Open nine times was Tennis australia From the strict coronavirus vaccination rules for arriving in the country because the test was positive last month.

Czech player Renata Borakova and two officials were subsequently told they couldn’t stay in the country and left before Judge Anthony Kelly ruled in favor of Djokovic on Monday.

After being released, Djokovic went straight to Melbourne Park and practiced every day, including early Friday morning, but as the week progressed, following exposure to his actions following his positive test, the country His hope of staying in seemed diminished.

Novak Djokovic may be detained at Park Hotel on Saturday (Hamish Blair / AP)


He also admitted a declaration that falsely claimed that he did not travel 14 days before his trip to Australia. This is due to an agent’s mistake.

There has been strong criticism of how the Australian government has dealt with this situation, but public opinion is firmly in favor of Djokovic’s return.

sympathy There is also a shortage of fellow players who were skeptical of vaccination, and Stefanos Tsitsipas, the world’s fourth-largest player, told the WION news channel in India: The majority look like they are all fools. “

Andy Murray said in a more reconciled tone after defeating Reilly Opelka in Sydney: I’m not going to sit here and start kicking while Novak is falling. It’s not a good situation for everyone.

“I hope it’s definitely resolved. If so, I think it’s good for everyone. It looks like it’s been dragged in for quite some time. Tennis, Australian Open, Novak Not suitable for. “

Novak Djokovic’s appeal set in Australian federal court on Sunday morning

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