Not Eastwood, but his young co-star who is disappointed with this fun but minor new western.

Joyce Glasser Review Cry Macho (November 12, 2021) Certificate 12, 104 minutes.

Starts with Gran Torino In 2008, when Clint Eastwood was 78 years old, rumors spread that this was Eastwood’s last film as an actor.Since then Gran Torino As an actor (and director), it was one of Eastwood’s best films, and no one wanted to believe it. Still, Eastwood’s tour deforce performance as a macho hero with a soft spot would have been the perfect swan song for his long and famous career. You can’t resent a movie star with Eastwood’s talent and the timeless spirit of being in front of the camera like he was 91, but I hope he did so with a better screenplay and co-star. increase.

The caption says “1979”. Seeing former rodeo megastar Mike Miro (Eastwood) driving a pickup to a horse ranch, he knows (in the bunch of explanatory conversations) that he was fired again for being late. No. A year later, former boss Howard Pork (Dwight Yoakam) waited for Mike in the graceful and friendly bungalows of the ranch and said it was time to repay.

Howard wants Mike to go to Mexico City, where his 13-year-old son Rafael or “Rafo” (Eduardominet) lived with his abusive ex-wife, and bring him back to Texas. Howard explains that he cannot go to Mexico because of legal entanglements. Later, when Mike realizes that his parents are using his child as a tip for negotiations, he will learn about these.

When Mike protests that taking his child will be kidnapped, he finds out that Mike owes to Howard. Howard Pork saved Mike in a vacant room and board in his work and ranch after Mike broke his back in a rodeo accident (see footage of a horse landing on a rider) and his wife and child died in a car accident. .. Armed with old photos of Rafo and a thick cash ward, Mike drives to Mexico.

Mike quickly tracks his resolute ex-wife (Fernanda Urehora), who tells him he doesn’t know where his child is. He’s not innocent, but he’s a gutter snipe who’s doing something illegal. Find out why Rafo prefers to spend time on the street. A mummy dressed like a madam at a brothel tries to fire two Henchmans and lure Mike into a bag. He was indignant when he refused her invitation. It’s a ridiculous scene. Urehora is a venomous snake, but she is cute and 40 years old. Mike has a sexy gravel-like voice, his pale face is still handsome, and his smile and sparkle are in his eyes, but he struggles to walk and is 91 years old.

The rest of the movie is with N Richard Nash Gran Torino Nash’s novel writer Nick Schenk is a familiar road movie. Mike finds Rafo in a cockfight and seduces him back to Texas on the promise of his father’s ranch. Rafo dreams of learning to ride to impress his dad who rejected him. But the mummy’s darling isn’t letting go of her son, and Rafo and Mike have to betray and, in some cases, defeat her eagerly pursuing thugs. .. Yes, Mike may be an old Geezer, but he can still pull a woman, drive a car like Vin Diesel, or knock out a half-aged man.

Love is also in the air, but not always in Clint Eastwood’s westerns. Eastwood played a lonely cowboy, sometimes with the death of his family and military associates, and revenge, but his existential mystery was unsettling. A savvy Mexican widow named Malta (Natalia Traven), who just owns a restaurant, collapses for an old man and wins his heart through his stomach when their car breaks down wherever they go. I aim to do that. And it happens that behind the restaurant there is a spacious bedroom where Mike and Rafo can sleep.

Malta has been Mike’s junior for about 40 years, and while this needs to be intuitively understood, its practical nature makes the relationship more reliable. There are no Maltese qualified men in a small village like single Mike. She takes care of her cute niece. Her parents, like Mike’s family, died in a car accident. Mike isn’t rich, but he’s Gringo, which means he has a US passport. More soon, and by another coincidence, he landed next to a restaurant in a job training to sell wild horses. This mature relationship is true because this is Mike’s dream job and Malta is a strong but flexible woman.

There is an echo of Madison County Bridge At dawn, Mike and Malta dance slowly in the dining room. Eastwood fans will feel a nostalgic attraction here as they bend over her to lean on her shoulders rather than towering over a lonely female.of bridgeEastwood drives a car, but it feels like he’s turning the car here and finally trying to rest his tired bones.

Even if the writer wants to eliminate the post-Trumpian Mexican border, the Internet, and mobile phones, 1979 may seem like a strange year to show a movie. But what I haven’t mentioned is that the macho that bears the name is an animal and Rafo’s cockfighting champion. He’s a hero enough to connect with Mike in a neo-western buddy road movie that fuses this genre.

of Cry MachoMike, who whispers a horse, is an animal sorcerer and cures sick animals for the locals in the village where he and Rafo meet Malta. In 1978, a real animal lover, Eastwood had a lot of fun acting on the other side of the orangutan. Other than loose, He made a sequel in 1980, Any way you can.

Rafo, who grew up in the city of Mexico City, strives for a macho image, and his pet is a badge of honor. Rodeo riders are also macho, which is why Rafo is in awe of Mike. But later in the movie, Mike tells the boy that “macho is overrated.” This is one of the oldest and smartest movie stars’ most macho, as his personality reflects the emptiness of life as he turns his back on the horse, like Clint Eastwood. It sounds like an audience looking back on his career.

The big problem with this movie is Eduardo Minette, a young actor who is not comparable to Clint. He cannot be convinced as a sea urchin, nor can we sympathize with us as a confused child with serious parental problems, and lacks the charisma that Eastwood still exudes. Eastwood is a great classic filmmaker and tells a fun story that my fellow addicts worshiped without CGI or violence. However, this is a minor fare for the huge Eastwood Canon. Let’s hope the man has at least another movie in him: something more original and memorable.

Not Eastwood, but his young co-star who is disappointed with this fun but minor new western.

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