Not at all affected by the rare Ashes workload

Not at all affected by the rare Ashes workload

Alyssa Healy is helping herself to deal with both the start of batting and the maintenance of the wicket. An Australian coach monitors the workload of her once-in-a-decade role in test cricket.

Australia heads to Manuka Oval to conclude Ash, After AdelaideThe big wets made them 4-2 up in a multi-series format.

Healy is the only certainty at the top of Australia’s batting order, and Beth Mooney is racing to prove her health after having jaw surgery last week.

However, Healy’s work involves serious work.

She is the only keeper to start batting regularly in men’s or women’s test matches since Kamran Akmal in Pakistan in 2007.

This was highlighted in the latest tests Australia has conducted against India. In this test, Healy had to maintain a 145 over and hit the bat shortly thereafter.

However, she was convinced that her 31-year-old body could withstand the rigors of Canberra’s test cricket.

“There is an ongoing chat about it,” Healy said.

“The approach we took in the last test match we played was,’We’ll see how we go.'”

“If things don’t go exactly as planned and we’re out in the field for a long time and I’m tired, we’ll call you on the spot.

“But I always raise my hand and say I’m ready to go and ready to contribute.”

Australia, on the other hand, needs to choose between Rachel Haynes and Mooney at the top with Healy.

Mooney, Australia’s white ball opener, opened for the first time in a test with India earlier this summer, injuring Haynes.

Nicole Bolton, who is currently retired, opened in 2019 Ash, but Haynes has played that role before and is preparing as she does this week.

“It’s a conversation between Meg (Running) and Motti (Director Matt Mott),” Haynes said.

“I’ve certainly prepared to get back to the top order, so I’m facing a lot of new balls.

“I know it could end halfway through, but I’m definitely preparing to open it at this stage.”

Meanwhile, Haynes added a teenager from New South Wales, Quick Stella Campbell, to the team in favor of being an option for testing with injured and ruined Tyrah flaming ash.

Campbell took a record number of 7-25 in NSW against ACT at Manuka Oval earlier this month after making his debut in the October test against India.

“Because I saw the damage she did to the ACT and the ticket gates first-hand … she would definitely count,” Haynes said.

“Especially in red ball cricket, where the ability to take wickets is the basis for winning a test match.”


Not at all affected by the rare Ashes workload

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