Norwegian bow and arrow attack

Norwegian police are investigating a bow and arrow attack last night that killed five people and injured two in connection with terrorism.

Police accused a 37-year-old Danish man of a 30-minute rampage from a supermarket in the town of Kongsburg, southwest of the capital Oslo, last night.


Arrows left on the wall following the rampage
Suspect is detained by police


Suspect is detained by policeCredit: AP
Police arrested suspect


Police arrested suspectCredit: Kjetil Stormark

Several independent sources have informed TV2 that the suspect is a Norwegian convert to Islam.

After the suspect fired, a large area of ​​a small town about 50 miles from Oslo was evacuated and blocked.

Some of the people injured in the horror attack were off-duty police officers in the Coop Extra supermarket during the rampage.

There was a crazy scream of a woman … I’ve never heard anything like that, it was a cry of death


He is one of two people who are understood to be in the intensive care unit.

According to local media, the lonely assassin was arrested after a “conflict” with police where alert shooting took place. The chase was done down the streets and alleys.

He was taken to the nearby town of Drammen, where he was charged with a shocking mass slaughter.

A disastrous image taken on the street shows an arrow stuck in the wall after the suspect missed the target.

Witnesses said they found a seriously injured woman with an arrow on her body seeking help in a blood pool near the confluence of traffic.

“There was a crazy cry of a woman. I’ve never heard of that. It was a cry of death,” one said on TV 2.

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Another said, “There is a man shooting people just outside my apartment with a bow and arrow. There are police and multiple helicopters here.”

Acting Prime Minister Erna Solberg reassured the country that “police are currently in control” at a press conference on a “horrible” attack.

In response to the incident, police officers across Norway (usually unarmed) were ordered to carry guns immediately.

Authorities are investigating whether the attack was a terrorist act.

Police believe the suspect acted alone, and police chief Øyvind Aas told reporters:

“From the information we currently have, this person performed these actions alone. Several were injured and some died.

“I took these actions alone.

“It’s natural to think whether it’s an act of terrorism, but the man hasn’t been cross-examined and it’s too early to come to a conclusion.”

The police chief added that there were “some crime scenes” in the rampage that took place just before 6:30 pm local time.


Mayor Kali Anne Sand said that a crisis center had been set up in the town, adding: I can’t speak. “

The attack took place the night before the new government came to power.

Mr Solberg said the mass slaughter would not affect the delivery and the new prime minister would be sworn in as planned.

An arrow abandoned in town was found last night as bombers, police dogs, and soldiers remained on the scene.

The investigation will continue.

The shooting last night was Norway’s most deadly attack in 10 years after the far-right radical Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in 2011.

Multiple people were killed after a man fired with a bow and arrow


Multiple people were killed after a man fired with a bow and arrowCredit: Twitter
Part of the town was evacuated and blocked


Part of the town was evacuated and blockedCredit: AP
Investigation is in progress


Investigation is in progressCredit: Twitter
Some others were injured in a horror attack


Some others were injured in a horror attack

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Norwegian bow and arrow attack

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