Northern Warriors encouraged them to stay healthy and reduce pandemic exercise after the third weight gain

Since the onset of COVID-19, a third person in North Wales has gained weight and lost exercise.

Report by YouGov in support of the Welsh government Help us, help you The campaign revealed that more than 50% of respondents in the Betsikadwarador University Health Commission (BCUHB) area are eating healthier than they were before the pandemic.

Approximately 36% also attend less sports and fitness sessions, even though they admit that they spend more time on blockades.

Healthcare professionals are encouraging people to reverse the trend and access the wide range of resources and support available to combat potential serious illnesses and conditions such as obesity and heart problems.

In addition to the NHS 111 Welsh website, there is information and guidance available on the Healthy Weight Cymru social media channel.

Healthy Weight Cymru Ambassador Beca Lyne-Pirkis encourages people concerned about poor health over the past few months to make simple lifestyle changes such as increased sleep, activity, and eating well. rice field.

“Exercise on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet is not always easy. Many people find the recent blockade to be particularly difficult,” Beka said.

“But even small changes can make a big difference in your health and you can feel better too.

“The NHS111 Welsh Livingwell website has a lot of information and advice on how to exercise more, eat better and improve your health. Please take a look.”

In Wales, one in five (22%) use blockades as an opportunity to try new forms of exercise, and three-quarters (76%) understand that exercise is important for their health. I don’t necessarily want to do that.

Among those who weighed, the average gain in Wales was 5.5 kg or 12 pounds per person, and in North Wales it rose to 6.1 kg or almost stone.

Richbreak, a personal trainer and workplace resilience and well-being master practitioner (WRAW MP) from Dwygyfylchi near Conwy, has over 10 years of experience in this area.

He believes that the synergies of mental and physical health are crucial in helping people improve their resilience and condition.

“From my experience, it’s important not to create pressure, stress, or unrealistic expectations when trying to lose weight, especially after such difficult times for everyone,” Rich said. ..

“It’s important to be simple and slow. Set small tasks (once a week instead of 20) and measure the results to build confidence.

“For example; can you drink 3-4 liters of water a day for 7 days? As humans, we love to see progress, so be sure to record it.

“If you’re drinking enough and satisfied with doing it consistently, you can go from there by adding a 30-minute walk three times a week.

“It’s amazing how quickly these new habits add up and how long they last as you go step by step at a time.”

For more information and advice, please visit:

visit The latest news and information from the Betsikadwarador University Health Commission.

Use the hashtags #HelpuNiHelpuChi and #HelpUsHelpYou to support Help Us, HelpYou campaigns.

Northern Warriors encouraged them to stay healthy and reduce pandemic exercise after the third weight gain

Source link Northern Warriors encouraged them to stay healthy and reduce pandemic exercise after the third weight gain

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