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Northern Ireland Protocol Bill ‘Economic Vandalism’, Irish Leader Warns | Political news

The rupture of trade agreements in Northern Ireland after Brexit will cause “economic vandalism”, warned the Prime Minister of Ireland.

Michael Martin said it would be a “very serious situation” if the UK government continued legislation renounce key parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He insisted that the European Union wanted to avoid a trade war, and argued that the issues surrounding the controversial deal could be resolved through negotiations.

His comments came after Brussels took new legal action against the United Kingdom in response to the Northern Ireland Protocol bill, which would effectively overturn most of the deal. Boris Johnson and the EU in 2019

Critics have warned that it would be an “unacceptable violation of international law” to create distrust of Britain.

Treaty concluded by the UK և EU as a means of maintaining the free flow of land on the Irish border Brexit: has created economic barriers to the movement of goods between the UK Northern Ireland:causing resentment, anger among many Unionists, loyalists.

The dispute has created a stalemate in efforts to establish an authorized government administration in Belfast.

The United Kingdom is planning a unilateral action to introduce separate “green” and “red” lines for goods traveling between the UK and Northern Ireland, setting a boundary between those leaving for the UK and staying in the Republic of Ireland.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Martin said: “If this bill is passed, I think we are in a very serious situation.”

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AM. The bill of the protocol is “politically guided”.

He added. “It’s the worst kind of one-sidedness to respect and abide by international agreements that governments adhere to, sign and ratify in their parliaments.

“We fully acknowledge that there are legitimate issues surrounding the validity of the Protocol; we believe that these issues can be resolved through serious, stable negotiations between the European Union and the Government of the United Kingdom.

“It’s really a form of economic vandalism in Northern Ireland, because if we look at some objective data, it now shows that the Northern Ireland economy is doing very well.

“The manufacturing industry is doing very well, the dairy industry, the meat industry, the food industry in general, and agriculture are doing very well.

“There are certain areas where we can improve the protocol, and we must continue to do so.”

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Mr. Martin added. “We want this to be resolved. We believe that it can be solved with good will.

“We think we know where the landing zone is to address the operational issues of the Protocol, so that Northern Ireland has the best opportunity to enter the EU market, the UK market.

“It will put Northern Ireland in a good position in terms of domestic investment.”

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The UK is acting “in accordance with the law” on the NI Protocol

The dispute could eventually lead to a trade war over tariffs or even the suspension of the entire Brexit deal between Britain and the European Union, but Mr Martin said all parties wanted to avoid it.

“No one wants a horse or horse trade war,” he added.

Northern Ireland Protocol Bill ‘Economic Vandalism’, Irish Leader Warns | Political news

Source Northern Ireland Protocol Bill ‘Economic Vandalism’, Irish Leader Warns | Political news

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